Egyptian Turmoil

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    ...There will be more killing and bloodshed before this is over. There is no guarantee the Egyptian government will fall; but if it does, there could be consequences that will be felt in the U.S. For one thing, the Suez Canal goes through Egypt. This important channel is big enough for aircraft carries and oil tankers. Oil shipments could be stopped or slowed through this vital shipping route. Oil prices would go higher, and people driving in Kansas could see price increases in a matter of days.

    On a wider and more ominous note, this revolution could spread to other oil producers in the region. The biggest and most important to the world is Saudi Arabia. It is the largest petroleum exporter on the planet. If Saudi Arabia falls, oil prices would spike, and I am not going to even guess how high. Undoubtedly, the world financial system would crash and the world could twist into complete disorder. Here’s how is reporting the situation, “While the biggest threat to the Middle East region is the possibility that the population of Saudi Arabia may try to imitate what has been happening in the area, thereby bringing total chaos to the established regional geopolitical and more importantly, energy, structure, the first protests in the Saudi Arabia city of Jeddah are already in the books. . . . That this is even occurring in a state where the average wealth is orders of magnitude greater than in Egypt is remarkable.” (Click here to read the complete story with protest video.) If Saudi Arabia collapses, it would not be long before the entire Arabian Peninsula would be destabilized.

    The Arabian Peninsula is in the heart of not only the richest oil region in the world, but flanked by two of the narrowest shipping choke points on the planet. On the east of the Peninsula is the famous Straits of Hormuz. It is a little less than 30 miles wide at the narrowest point. On the west side of the Peninsula is a lesser known strait called Bab el-Mandeb, or the “Gate of Tears.” That is about 20 miles wide at the narrowest passage. Please study the map below:

    There is no telling how far this could spin out of control, but it looks like we are a lot closer to the beginning than we are to the end of this crisis. Please keep a close eye on this story because it could affect your family and finances.

    The entire article can be read here
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    But, wouldn't that be the PTB and the NWO objective?? To start riots and disturbances in the countries that would lead to disruption of oil deliveries??

    Part of the famine plan would entail increase of gas prices that affect production of food on all levels?? and deliveries??

    Now, Great Britain, Tunisia, Algeria, Yemen, and Egypt in the last 2 weeks have begun the protest of the elites' corrupt thefts of their funds and resources.

    I just received word via email that Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and other countries have been warned of military coups...surprised?? It's part of the elite takeover..destroy all govt for one world govt??

    Remember E.T.?? when Gertie watched in the bedroom as the objects circled in mid-air??
    "what's happening???"

    Oh, we preparing do know!!:ignore:

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    I just dug an old clean 500 gal steel fuel tank I had out of the snow out back of the homestead...

    Got the oil company coming tomorrow to fill it with diesel fuel. All tractors, generators and cars/trucks on the farm here are diesel. Diesel fuel holds indefinitely, and doesn't go bad like gasoline after a couple of years.

    Oil just broke the $100 mark again first time since 2008 WTSHTF the first time.

    Better to have precious metals and fuel now, than paper money...

    ...TS is gonna HTF big time pretty soon.

    Buckle up!
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    Al Jazeera English: Live Stream - Watch Now - Al Jazeera English

    Yes, I'm willingly linking Al-Jazeera. Right now they're in hour 4 of a live coverage event... and it's not censored. People are throwing molotovs at one another, and there's not firemen around to put out people who get hit. Saw a bus hit an hour ago. I feel sorry for the military people standing between those two groups.. what can they do but stand there and look intimidating?

    I don't think people grasp the size of this situation.
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    Regional news sources are very important to read because they have a very different angle on things. In this case, they're the only ones who have consistently reported the riots for what they are: food riots. The Western press is so focused on ZOMG-Nasty-Authoritarian-Regime!!! that they're missing a big part of the story.
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    Rioting is not going to improve the supply of food. Someone would need to actually consider growing it for the food supply to increase. And there is not a big line up for "I want to be a farmer",
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    The whole middle east will be under the radical rule within the end of this year. Then the crap will hit the fan every where, no more oil. Part of a larger plan.
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    To be perfectly cruel and succinct... Yes it will. Rioting causes people to die. Less people means the food supplies improve for those who are still alive. There's a LOT more than "food riots" going on here. When people are enumerating the negatives of a SHTF situation, they almost always forget that positive. If you can keep you and yours alive and levelheaded while others are fighting over ideals there will be more left for your own.

    ----- Off topic rambling:

    There's an old saying that goes "when the revolution comes, people like you will be the first against the wall." I say "when the revolution comes, people like me will be the first to stay out of it and then make my way in what's left." I love my country, but I love my wife and our extended family MORE. it's like the old (open/concealed, doesn't matter here) carry argument. People say that carrying a gun somehow elevates you to some higher level of responsibility, a protector of society. It does no such thing.

    Carrying a firearm does not turn one into some sort of noble sheepdog, or "warrior". It simply makes you capable of defending yourself more effectively. Worrying about what's happening to complete strangers is somewhere behind "did I leave the oven on?" until such time as my family is safe, and I'm sure I can take down the "bad guy" with minimal risk to myself. Sure the kneejerk reaction is to say "you had the power to prevent that innocent from being robbed and were a coward". I feel that in my gut too.

    You know what else I have the power to prevent? My wife having to spend the rest of her days alone because I felt the need to try and stop a total stranger from dying, and got my fool head shot off in the process. For every brave man hailed as a hero, there's a dozen orphans of men who tried to be heroes. It's no coincidence wars are mostly fought by young men, and started by chickenhawks who have never been soldiers. Young men aren't seasoned enough to know what's actually worth fighting for, but old men who have never lifted arms are awfully good at using jingoism to convince them to die on their behalf.
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    Saudi arabia exists solely based on the armed threat from US. It's a horrid,evil rathole . NOw that US deterent threat is worth just about nothing and taking into account how easily our agustos president is dumping our allies under the bus--saudies will join up the winning side. And that sure as hell ain't us now--we're technicly not even fighting a war. Pretty damn convinient for the "people" that are trying to destroy us.
    The big picture here is an islamic khaliphat that has oil money,controls all of middle east and has nuclear weapons. The sunny/shiite distincition will not stop them and after they destroy isolated Israel they will start the 3rd world war --no matter how much we try to appease them and how much bowing our bootlick of a president will do.
    Pretty much things are going as bad as they can and with the current administration doing their best to support that direction.