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Insects are very nutritious. IIRC, crickets, grasshoppers, worms, etc. are nearly 90% protein. Rip off legs and wings if you like, or any other hard, chitinous, fibrous parts that would just be crude fiber, anyway.

Crickets, IMO, are particularly tasty and remind me a bit of black walnuts. I snag and munch them anytime, just because (and to get a rise out of whoever happens to be nearby ;) ) I fried some in an omelet once, which wasn't great, but it was edible.

The tips on which ones to eat given previously are good. I can think of one exception to the odor rule: squash bugs smell foul, but actually taste like Green Apple Jolly Ranchers. If you're unsure on how it'll taste, just take a little nibble instead of chomping the whole thing.

For more info, Google is your friend
HowStuffWorks "How can I tell if a bug is edible?"

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Are there any kinds of illnesses / diseases that can be contracted from eating grasshoppers?
the risk of getting sick from grasshoppers or crickets in the USA is less than in other parts of the world: gently twist off the head & pull out the digestive tract, do NOT eat that because it could have parasites/worms, roast the rest over an open flame & you can have Cajun Crickets. ^_^
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