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  1. twolilfishies

    twolilfishies wanna be prepared

    any earthshippers here? or earthship planning?
    We plan to build an earthship because of the full self sustainability :2thumb:
    LOOOve reynolds! brave and awesome:eek:
  2. NaeKid

    NaeKid YourAdministrator, eh?

    I haven't heard the term EarthShip previously, so, I had to look it up:

    Earthship - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    It sounds like a good concept, but, my plans are slightly different where my OTG (Off The Grid) home will consist of a couple self-sufficient independent buildings above ground connected via underground storage / living bunkers (think of a gopher home - several openings to the world above, but, tunnels under ground).

    BunkerBob has an amazing OTG home and is in the process of building his underground portion for self-sufficiency ..

  3. twolilfishies

    twolilfishies wanna be prepared

    Im going to check that out naekid! my man wants to have underground tunnels too!
  4. SixGunsRattlesnake

    SixGunsRattlesnake Well-Known Member

    I'm building one out of tires in New Mexico. I am about 900 miles away so it will be done a little at a time. I currently have my hole dug... Mostly...

    Stocking up on tires right now. Plans are still very rough drafted, but I am confident.
  5. Lake Windsong

    Lake Windsong Well-Known Member

    SixGunsRattlesnake, I'd be interested in hearing updates on your progress. I like the concept, would definitely want help packing the dirt in, would like to have an indoor greenhouse along one exterior wall instead of tires, for a narrow patio living space with entry doors at both sides.
    What type of ceiling/roof materials are you planning on using? Maybe a rain catch area as well?
  6. homeschoolmomma

    homeschoolmomma Well-Known Member

    We are in the planning stage of building one here in Northern AZ...have plans, securing land now and then comes the fun part.