Dumbing Down Society

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    Interesting read.

    From The Vigilant Citizen

    Part 1

    Is there a deliberate effort by the government to dumb down the masses? The statement is hard to prove but there exists a great amount of data proving that the ruling elite not only tolerates, but effectively introduces policies that have a detrimental effect on the physical and mental health of the population. This series of articles looks at the many ways the modern man is being dumbed down. Part I looks at the poisons found in everyday foods, beverages and medications.

    Part 2

    Even though mercury is known to degenerate brain neurons and disrupt the central nervous system, it is still found in processed foods and mandatory vaccines. In this second part of the series examining the intentional dumbing-down of society, this article will discuss the presence of mercury in common foods and vaccines.

    Part 3

    The first two parts of this series describes the negative effects that some commonly consumed chemicals have on the body and brain. This third and final part looks at some natural ways to keep the brain healthy and provides tips to rid the body of dangerous substances. In other words, how to fight back against the dumbing down of society!
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    This is very interesting! I've been avoiding Aspartame from the start (I'm one of those people who get severe headaches and nausea from it), but didn't know about the vaccines containing mercury, nor about the serious problems with ingesting high fructose corn syrup in the quantities we have. :eek:

    A friend of mine has recently begun phasing HFCS out of her diet and lost several pounds. She's the one who pointed out how many of the products in my pantry contain it.

    I'm going to start phasing HFCS out of my and my family's diets right away. We already filter the fluoride and chlorine out of our drinking water. Every day I wish I had my own well! :gaah:

    The powers that be in my neck of the woods won't allow wells to be dug in my neighborhood, so I'm trying to figure out if I can do one myself, like in your story, Disaster in the 'Burbs.

    Thanks for posting these links!

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    Don't think they had to work very hard to get that done. Walk around any large store and notice folk's. Most walk around in a daze of some sort. Our food supply has been crammed full of crap for years, FDA is a joke HFCS has gotten into so much stuff, there's not much left, on the store shelf that is with sweet's. I found someone posted about vac canning chocolate bars, i did not know they would last so long. Talk about a post shtf trade item, might be a good investment. The dang world is mad as a foaming dog anyway these day's. Soon i think, soon. :dunno:
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    I'm another one of those who get severe debilitating headaches from aspartame. I've been slipped it by people who didn't believe me, and they found out I really do.

    In addition to the stuff in food and vaccines, the drivel on in movies and TV, as well as the PC schools, are all bringing down our national level of intelligence and common sense.
  5. mosquitomountainman

    mosquitomountainman I invented the internet. :rofl:

    Don't forget brain dead video games (I know, that's redundant) and constant scene changes in music videos, etc. where images flash for second then flash to the next ... no thoughtful concentration on anything, just constant sensory bombardment.

    Then you have the school system from K through Master's degrees and their political correctness. Kids and adults today are comfortable with contradictions and since they believe no one can know "truth" and that "truth" is situational they don't even try to arrive at logical conclusions. In fact, logic is a thing of the past.

    The fastest way to shut someone up today is to call them a racist or bigot and rather than go to the effort of seeking truth or confronting alternate views in a logical manner they only know how to call those who believe differently derogatory names.

    Then we have the mess media, twitter and facebook and their soundbites and quips. Nothing of substance or logical thought. :gaah:
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    I guess I'm not quite paranoid enough to take that website (based upon the balance of the content there) without a rather larger grain of salt (bad for me, yes, I know, but it tastes better with salt :D). I have a really hard time believing there is a massive nationwide or worldwide conspiracy to make people dumb by adding harmful substances to food, water and vaccines.

    Honestly, I think people are much more likely to stupify themselves voluntarily (to add to the post above). Case and points: Peer pressure - all through school, it's not cool to be smart. Voluntary sedation - must see TV, American Idol, Dancing with the Stars, need I say more? Voluntary plug-in, tune out - ipod, iphone, cell phone abuse in general, texting. Voluntary chemical dependence - how much over the counter and prescribed voluntary medications do we pump into ourselves that we really don't need, except to make us "feel better?" All kinds of legal and illegal substance abuse.

    I'm really not worried about the miniscule amounts of substance that may be present in vaccines (though I did not rush out to get H1N1 vaccines for my kids), soft drinks, sweetners, etc. I am more concerned making my brain work better by being engaged in life, by learning new things every day, by paying attention, by watching and reading things that I can actually learn something from, by avoiding things that have no redeeming value, by not depending on substances to make me "feel better," by not wasting my life plugged into a phone or music player, etc.

    It's my choice not to become a Least Common Denominator and to keep my children from accepting that fate as well. No supposed "elitist cabal" can make me. I'm a bit more concerned about the more immediate threats in the world...
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    I have never like to take vaccines, purposefully pumping germs into your body, yuk. Only once, I had to take the series of hepatitis 3 so I could work in a denist office. Next thing I know I'm having quardruple bypass surgery. One of the side effects of this vaccine is heart problems. I'm good now, take no medication other than low dose asprin every night,(the meds they wanted to keep me on made me sick & depressed so I weaned myself off). I figure if the doctors did their job right I'm good for another 60+ years.
  8. SurviveNthrive

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    Let's see...I drink tons of Aspertame, have been drinking it since the 1980's a short while after they sent everyone those gum balls in the mail and started putting it in Diet Coke. I was on the President's List my first quarter in college. (4.00 Folks who snicker and look down upon those on the Dean's List.) Got through the University of Washington while working more than a full time job, earned a 4 year degree in about three and a half years, despite having a heat injury that fried my brain-now that had a bad effect. Earned a Commission in the United States Army, for active duty service. I got published for royalties the first time I made a submission. Wrote and published several books, short stories, and articles. Today I'm sitting on a contract for my first E book.

    I'm not overly bright, but I did that stuff while drinking Diet Coke, liters a day since the mid 1980's.

    I'm calling B.S. on anything regarding Aspertame affecting the brain.

    On the flip side, what would I have managed if I didn't drink all that Diet Coke?

    That heat injury in the Marines really diminished me as did the two other times I went into delirum, but that wasn't from Diet Coke.
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  9. gypsysue

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    I don't think Aspartame screws up anyone's brain. I have no idea why I get such terrible debilitating headaches from it. I drank diet pop when it was saccharin'd and it didn't cause problems.

    My sister LIVES on diet coke, several cans a day, and doesn't get headaches from it. She's also very intelligent, was valedictorian of her high school class, still very intelligent after years of Diet Coke.

    However, as in the case of my sister and I, obviously humans react differently to different chemicals, stimulus, etc., even when they're related.

    Many things come into play with "dumbing down". It's not just what we eat, what we breathe, what we watch on TV, whether we use computers or play video games. It can be how we were raised, how we made/make friends, how satisfied we are with our jobs, life, families, friends; what kind of music or movies we like, what kind of food we eat or drink, how much and what kind of exercise we get. Heck, some of the stuff I've been reading even implicates the laundry soap we use, or deoderant, shampoo, etc., in cognitive reasoning and whether we're fat/thin.

    Some or all of these things could come into play, more for some people than others. There have always been smart people and not-so-smart people. My first husband had a very high IQ but functioned poorly on a casual level with friends, and had little common sense. He overlooked the simplest things because he thought too hard. Wonderful man, though, I still miss him. My point being, it isn't always our IQ, or just our environment, or just our personality.

    Thanks to the Politically correct agenda drowning our nation and suffocating common sense, I can see where it appears our nation is being dumbed down.

    Like the Three Musketeers, I hope when the time comes we'll throw open our cellar doors and pull out the swords and shields, and common sense will come out of hiding.
  10. The_Blob

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    now... is that an achievement or merely an example of the lowering of standards? :lolsmash:

    jk, brother... HAD to do it :D
  11. SurviveNthrive

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    Actually, neither, it's showing that there isn't any effect in one long term example.:)
  12. Emerald

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    Well- I for one can not even touch the damned stuff- it makes me sick to the point of having seizures! And just think on how smart you might be now if ya didn't drink that stuff--Crap even Sarah Palin has a book out !:rolleyes: And we all know how smart she thinks she is!;)
  13. gypsysue

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    Like I said earlier...people are affected in different ways by the chemicals and other substances we come into contact with.

    Some people can't eat salt because of blood pressure issues, others can consume large amounts of it with no ill effects.

    Some people have to watch sugars/carbs because their bodies have insulin issues.

    Some people can't eat dairy, gluten, nuts, eggs, whatever. Others have no problems with foods.

    Some people react poorly to artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. Other people don't.

    Some people have improved foggy thinking by removing certain foods from their diet or by adding others.

    Some people, like me and Emerald and others on this forum, cannot consume apartame without serious problems.

    My brain feels sharper and clearer when I keep my diet to unprocessed fruits, vegetables, whole grains, low-fat dairy, and lean meat. When I clutter my diet with the junk food that I love, I start feeling sluggish, old, and slow-thinking. I yo-yo back and forth some on it and apparently react quickly to changes in my diet. Maybe not everyone does.

    But, SNT, for some or maybe even a lot of people out there, maybe aspartame DOES affect thought processes and brain function. It doesn't make it a bad food, per se, only a bad food for them.

    I call B.S. back on you, SNT, for making an absolute statement that is unsupported by the evidence! :)
  14. SurviveNthrive

    SurviveNthrive a dude

    I call B.S. back on you, SNT, for making an absolute statement that is unsupported by the evidence!

    It's solid evidence against anyone who views Aspertame as being bad for the brain.

    My logic is solid. One can't find contrary evidence. If one did, you'd have someone using a substance that they are aware diminishes their mental capacity and such a person is obviously already not so bright as they continue a practice that is harmful for them.
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  15. simplelife01

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    Personally I think we should do our best to avoid ingesting foods that aren't all natural. By the way, there are plenty of things that are man made and are not healthy that that the government allows in many foods and drinks we consume. Think for yourselves, don't let politicians choose for you.
  16. NaeKid

    NaeKid YourAdministrator, eh?

    I am another one of those who gets sick on that fake-sugar stuff. I have been slipped drinks or foods with it without my knowledge and have been very sick to my stomach within minutes of starting it up. I had a co-worker who offered me a hot-chocolate from his own stash, I took it without thinking and didn't even finish half of the mug before I was getting sick - and no - it isn't a mind-thing, I didn't even know it was "lite" before I asked him ...

    Oh ya - the gum with that fake-sugar in it does the same thing to me. I am now chewing HubbaBubba instead of DoubleMint now ...
  17. gypsysue

    gypsysue The wanderer

    Regarding aspartame, I get tired of the people who think it's "all in my head" and give me a diet pop and assure me it's not. They end up apologizing all over the place when I get seriously sick. The headache is so bad I'm nauseous, can't stand sound or light, can't even walk across the floor.

    And I don't get headaches otherwise. I'm one of the most headache-free people you'd ever meet.

    As for aspartame diminishing mental/brain ability? No, I've never seen evidence either direction.

    SNT, you haven't provided any evidence/proof that it DOESN'T lower mental ability. All you've done is point out that you consume large amounts of aspartame and (along with seeming to be proud of it for some unfathomable reason!) consider yourself to be a high-achieving, above-average functioning intelligent person. Judging by the clarity of your sentence structuring, you do seem intelligent, even if lacking in logic and debate skills.

    But hey...it's all a learning curve here. If nothing else, you've learned that there are a bunch of people here that are not able to consume aspartame!
  18. SurviveNthrive

    SurviveNthrive a dude

    Regarding aspartame, I get tired of the people who think it's "all in my head" and give me a diet pop and assure me it's not. They end up apologizing all over the place when I get seriously sick. The headache is so bad I'm nauseous, can't stand sound or light, can't even walk across the floor.

    Not making light of a symptom worthy of sympathy, a headache is always all in the head. It's terrible that someone would do that to you, but they probably don't believe you and, like you, demand evidence.

    I'd not, I'd take you at your word.

    SNT, you haven't provided any evidence/proof that it DOESN'T lower mental ability. All you've done is point out that you consume large amounts of aspartame and (along with seeming to be proud of it for some unfathomable reason!) consider yourself to be a high-achieving, above-average functioning intelligent person. Judging by the clarity of your sentence structuring, you do seem intelligent, even if lacking in logic and debate skills.

    If you'd an understanding of logic and debate, you'd understand one can't prove a negative, but can disprove a false assertion through providing evidence to the contrary.

    I know too many people who consume ample amounts of Diet Soda, generally flavored with NutriSweet (Aspertame) to believe that it is deterimental to mental functions for normal people.

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Back on topic about the 'dumbing down' of Americans ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~​

    I love the irony of the use of the word 'dumb' to describe what is actually stupid rather than mute, but the 'dumbing down' phrase is commonly used.

    Addressing the 'Dumbing Down of American' I'd like to first address college. I believe in many cases the political correct indoctrination is pervasive that it's lowered requirements and diminished thinking in many colleges.

    A while ago, I supervised four employees in college. All claimed to have very high grades. I saw some of the work of a German national, even in his second language, he found the course work laughable. His work was superb. He told me that in Germany he was a poor to mediocre student. Here, he was top of the class. He got his citizenship over the years, earned a Commission in the U.S. Army and as a combat arms platoon leader served this country in Iraq. One of the females was intelligent, but I noted that she took Mickey Mouse classes that didn't challenge her because her objective included getting a degree, not an education and she fulfilled her expectations and used her BA to springboard to a higher paying position, so she felt no challenge, but she took classes like women's studies and such and she'd share assignments with some of us to show us how silly the material was, it was indoctrination, not education so if one merely went along, one got a degree. She even explained that a good part of one class was merely reading and discussing a specific Lesbian novel. Another was a regular guy, worked and did college. He'd received a good education already so his school work he shared was good to go. He took decent classes, a mix like most. He moved on to become a Police Officer back East after he returned from Fallujah. The last female surprised me. She kept bragging about her grades, about how well she was doing. She showed me some of her work. I was appalled. She wrote like a 7th grader. I'm not just concerned with grammar, that's minor compared to discovering how a person develops a point, shows thought processes, etc. Her term papers didn't match what I expected as average for a junior high school student, yet she was getting great grades.

    At a four year college, you can literally take a basket weaving class for credits, it's called something like primitive arts and crafts or something, I don't know what it's called now.

    The one that really shocked me was an individual who I'd worked with who went first to Evergreen for his BA and then City College to earn a Masters. His focus of study was on diversity centered around specific cultural studies. The man apppeared to be a result of fetal-alcohol syndrome, benefitting from the American Disabilities Act to secure a position. He explained this to me in a manner that wasn't excuses making after I noted problems...he wasn't mentally capable of doing entry level tasks. For example, I'd observed him take an entire night to read a two page policy and he'd come to the wrong conclusion, being unable to process an 'if-then' type sentence or understand a basic clause. When I asked him how he managed to get a degree as he'd so much difficult reading and writing he explained they let him do his thesis, get this, orally! He didn't speak properly and his thoughts came out muddled, yet he got a Masters Degree. He moved on to the East Coast. I'd heard the'd secured an executive position in city government covering Equal Opportunity which meant he was smart enough to secure his goals. They were impressed with his credentials, but I'd also heard they had to hire an 'assistant' to basically do his work. So...he wasn't really 'dumb', he was cagey enough to use what he had and he outsmarted them.

    I'd completed my BA many years earlier, and even then, with some classes one just needed to parrot or appear indoctrinated to get high grades. Some professors back then, and now demanded actual work. Sometimes I think there shouldn't be BA and BS degree. There should be BS and BSci degrees.

    But for lower levels of education, I wonder if students in most high schools ever heard of '1984' which projected precisely what we're experiencing with the new speak of poltical correctness, 'animal farm' which involves many of the Communistic/Socialistic steps being taken now, and other such works.
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    I drank diet soda for a few months yrs ago and developed a severe itching problem, I dug my arms and legs til they bled. It turned out to be the ASPERTANE in the diet soda. the stuff is poisen and should be taken off the market, there are ove 100 side affects from ASPERTANE
  20. thunderdan19

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    Affirmative action and Political Correctness: Filling superior positions with inferior people for 50+ years now! :2thumb:

    ...and we wonder why the US is in a death spiral.