due to Ice,snow

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  1. lotsoflead

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    and wind, the power is out for about a 10 mile circle and probably won't be back on for a few days.I took a ride around about 3:30AM and not even any streets lights or red lights were working up in the village. I would guess that we're one of the few who have lights,heat,TV,Ph,computer for miles because of our generator and I love it. Optimun is not so bad after all.
    The same people who speed past the house every day with crew cab gas guzzeling PUs and one person in it are stopping in to get a coffee or borrow some Kero for their emergency heater.I keep a hundred gal of kero here for long term(lamps and laterns) when there may not be any gas to run my generator.
    Imagine people who can't even have a coffee til the local convient stores open, even people out of gas because they gas up early in the morning when the place isn't so busy.WTSHs the fan for real, these people are in a world of S.
  2. Clarice

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    How nice of you to help out. I would be careful tho. When TSHTF these people will remember you as the one with the supplies.

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    Has the power come back for everyone else yet - or - are you the only one in your zone with lights, etc?
  4. lotsoflead

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    no! we don't expect power for 3-4 days, I have power because I bought a generator yrs ago.
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    Do you have any WWII shades that houses used to have so people wouldn't be able to see light from the outside? Get those! :)
  6. UncleJoe

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    I agree with the others. Folks are going to remember that you have that stuff. You might want to "run out" of supplies before the end of the emergency. ;)