Drill-active defense

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    As a step in defense,

    This is a minor drill I did last month, just to see how long it'd take. I wasn't worried about actual seconds at this point, just how smoothly I could get things done.

    Using a trip to the range to spring board myself, skipping the time it took to get my range box and confirming everything was there, I checked to see how fast I could get two AR's and ammunition in the trunk of the car.

    This time it took a very short time because I'd already moved to loaded magazines in tactical bags (active shooter bags.) I've stepped away from the notion of 'range' and 'tactical' ammunition for 5.56 mm (With the exception of some color tape identified HP, SP, tracer and special 'in house' frangible ammo.) I did keep some long term storage spam can crap like Wolf that I don't plan on ever using unless we're way down the road and desperate.


    The next phase would be to take positions.
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    Practice drills are a great tool and a good learning experience. We all should be doing things like this! Thanks for sharing with us, and reminding us.