Doomsday Preppers 2x14: Drink your pee edition

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  1. Bobbb

    Bobbb Well-Known Member

    Well, what did everyone think?

    This was probably the best episode of the entire series.

    It presented a typical Republican and a typical Democrat and allowed us to contrast them.

    I loved the guy up in Alaska, his daughter was pretty damn good too. Those Alaskan women can be girly and whiny but when push came to shove and she was out in the bush, she handled herself very well.

    I loved the guy's boat.

    I especially loved how he gave the finger to the scoreboard section at the end of his segment but the impression I get is that the guys who do the scoring are sitting around playing a drinking game and the score that they give out is haphazard and has no relation to any standards whatsoever. Every score of every prepper featured on the shows always falls into a narrow range. It's a pointless gimmick and this guy called ******** on what they were doing.

    Now for the best part - Hawaii Gold dude.

    If there are any religious creationists amongst us who are sick of being ridiculed by liberals, well, here's the material for your counterattack.

    I loved how he kept asking permission of nature to eat its plants, to drink its water, how he relied on his dreams and trips on the astral plane to foretell the coming of tsunamis.

    I loved how his plan to deal with a coming tsunami was to take his kayak and paddle out into the ocean for a 15 mile paddle to an isolated valley.

    I loved how he stabbed himself in his bare foot.

    I loved how they had no food or water.

    I loved how he kept asking nature if the berries he was eating were good for humans to eat and trusting what nature told him.

    I loved how he and his lady went mountain climbing bare footed.

    And the best was when he drank his own urine and declared that it tasted like Camomile tea.

    Thanks producers, this was the best contrast of segments that you've ever put on air.
  2. mojo4

    mojo4 Well-Known Member

    Bobbb for once I completely agree with your entire post!! That boat was super bada$$, me want one!! That is one prepper who I think will be just fine in the woods probably forever. The hawaii hippy, well he is a big part of the reason native hawaiians don't like howlies. What a clown. He goes out in his plastic paddle boat DURING a tsunami??? Well, fish gotta eat too. Bet the fish say "this tastes weird!"

  3. swjohnsey

    swjohnsey ExCommunicated

    That was pretty lame. Carry an empty water bottle from a stream so you can drink your own pee. Most of the preppers I have seen have been pretty lame.
  4. jnrdesertrats

    jnrdesertrats Noob

    I thought the best part was when they revisitied the pee drinker and he was bugging out with his dog. Now where did that lady who was visibly disturbed by the urine breath go.:eek:
  5. ras1219como

    ras1219como Well-Known Member

    I'm trying to figure out why he left his shoes? Maybe they made it harder to communicate with the universe? Oh and how bad the infection was after he impaled himself then crammed a bunch of dirty sand in there along with the noni plant...
  6. UncleJoe

    UncleJoe Well-Known Member

    I gave up on DP after the first season. :rolleyes:
  7. taylort5

    taylort5 Well-Known Member

    Lol too funny .
    I bet she left him for embarrassing her like that. She wasnt drinking any of his pee for sure. Lol
    Btw , did anyone else notice she had a SMOKIN body? ;) jus sayin
  8. stayingthegame

    stayingthegame Well-Known Member

    I watch for the entertainment of it and some laughs. I do get a few ideas now and then but it is more fun to watch how silly some of these people are made to look. as far as the scoring goes, I am still trying to figure that one out.
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  9. Homegrowngirl

    Homegrowngirl Well-Known Member

    Some of the segments I have seen on Doomsday preppers has made me shake my head, but that Hawaiian prepper took the 1st prize for what I would call insane non-prepper. It floors me when I see someone like that, with no common sence. I'm not a bible follower, but I do believe that there are some good lessons in it. You can ask the mother earth all you want for what she offers, but if you don't do for yourself to help yourself... well just rambling here. Any way the guy is an idiot, and if he survives any form of shtf, I would be amazed, just saying.
  10. Sentry18

    Sentry18 Well-Known Member

    I thoroughly enjoyed that episode and laughed my butt of at the Hawaii hippie. I especially like how he "selected" a woman who was somehow not in his follow up video. I can only presume that she decided to get off the crazy train and go live her life with shoes on as soon as she was done riding his 15 minutes of fame. Once she watched him drink his own urine and she declined you could see that "what have I got myself into" look in her eyes.
  11. dixiemama

    dixiemama Well-Known Member

    Prob the best I've seen was the couple who will be eating gourmet food. Yea having recipes is great to beat the mundane food, but come on. If your going out looking plump and well fed, how many starving people are gonna follow you home? Plus, that's storage that cld be used for other things. I'm a cookaholic. I love to cook and have spent thousands on cookbooks over the years but I whittled it down because no one needs to eat gourmet foods when basic, good, wholesome food will help you survive. I find that's a waste of money
  12. SouthCentralUS

    SouthCentralUS Well-Known Member

    Got a recipe from another forum for Scotch Broth. Made it today and man, it is good and nutritious and filling. Rice, beans, peas and whatever you want to put in. And makes a lot!!!
  13. RedDunesPrepper

    RedDunesPrepper Member

    Anyone remember what material the bad a$$ boat was made out of???
  14. smaj100

    smaj100 Jack of Alot, Master of Few........

    Homegrown somehow he will be one of the booger eating moron types that somehow manages to survive a post shtf....
  15. ras1219como

    ras1219como Well-Known Member

    All I remember is that it was some type of plastic that they said was 20x stronger than steel. I don't know if they mentioned the name of the material or not.
  16. swjohnsey

    swjohnsey ExCommunicated

    Sounds like kevlar. Some kayak hulls are made of kevlar including the Eddyline Nighthawk I have.
  17. cqp33

    cqp33 Supporting Member

    A lot in Hawaii are like that! (sorry if you are in Hawaii and not, notice I didn't say "all in Hawaii are like that"). Seems like there are a lot of people out here that suffer from what I call "The great idea fairy" with nothing backed up by facts or real life experiences. A lot of native Hawaiians wouldn't be able to make it if the Government wasn't handing out this or that, the military here is a big factor in survival of Oahu! For example, because the Navy brings so many school age students to this island in 2010 the US Navy gave $55 million dollars for schools here so that our children can get the worst education in the US. They still had furlough days because of mismanaging dollars.

    I will say that most tsunami warnings here come 4-8 hours before they hit here, dudes decision to ride it out while away from land is actually a smart one. A tsunami wave at sea can't really be felt, it is just like a wave that is a fraction larger than the regular swell. The problems to start to come when the tsunami wave approaches the shore, there is where it will gain is strength and the full scope will only be seen then. That is about the only smart thing he did, here in Hawaii you would only need to go out about 3-4 miles and yes you could even ride it out in a canoe! Smart no, doable yes!
  18. swjohnsey

    swjohnsey ExCommunicated

    Just got back from Oahu. Wouldn't want to be there when SHTF. I would guess it would be a couple of weeks after the boats stopped runnin' that they would be back to canibalism.
  19. Meerkat

    Meerkat Seeking The Truth

    An ingrediant in horse pee cures cancer. But it only works along with other ingrediants so don't go bother trigger. Big pharma stole his formular anyway because it worked too good.

    I heard ww11 vets used their pee to sterilize their wounds too. Some people pee on their veggys 'nitrogen' not my kind of organics,yet.
  20. smaj100

    smaj100 Jack of Alot, Master of Few........


    It was called UHMW or UHMWPE. Here's a link for it, there are a number of manufacturers and different forms from rolls, sheets, and or tubes.

    Apparently the stuff is slicker than teflon, and resists scratches better and tuffer than kevlar. I'm sure it costs a we bit too.