Don't talk to the Police!

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    No matter what you say, whether you're innocent or not, you should NEVER talk to the police. Something will incriminate you and many people are afraid to envoke their 5th ammendment right. But I've listened to a very informative speech by 2 people, Law Professor James Duane and Law Enforcement Office George Bruch. They've done a great job of explaining from both perspectives, why it's never a good idea to talk when being interviewed or questioned. Listen to their presentations and you make your own decision, but I no know why I won't be talking. (Hope I'm never in that position though.) Even if you get a speeding ticket...shut up.
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    Agreed. It never turns out the way you want it to.

  3. Turtle

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    Ummm . . . as a former law enforcement officer, and with most of my friends and family being either local or federal law enforcement . . . I've gotta say that I take issue with this statement.

    Cops are not the bad guys. We are there to look out for you. I have always said that the reason a lot of people don't like cops is that they rarely see them when something good is going on. It's a basic Pavlovian response: something bad is happening, you see a cop, you begin to associate cops with bad things happening.

    Talk to the police. Be honest. Don't break the law, and you won't have anything to worry about.
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    I will have to agree. While don't start spilling my guts when I get pulled over, if they ask me a question I answer it. I believe if you are getting in trouble for having done something and lie about it you are in even more trouble. Being an @$$ will just tick them off then they start looking for things to nail you with (license plate light out anyone?)

    Generally I don't do things that will get me in trouble.
  5. twolilfishies

    twolilfishies wanna be prepared

    I like to break laws that impede on the rights of humans:)
    and yah,,, talking to cops is a bad idea IF YOU HAVE SOMETHING TO HIDE:dunno:
  6. Todays Survival Show

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    Please don't misunderstand, I'm not try to bash Cops. I agree that for the most part they are the good guys. I guess I should have more clearly defined my statement. When referring to Cop's I'm referring to the "interviewers" (a.k.a. interrogators) as Officer Bruch referred to in my most recent podcast.

    If you've done nothing wrong, sure you have nothing to hide, but your words can still be twisted later, even if unintentionally. It's the prosecutors, not the cops, that can twist them. The Cop's (interviewer) job is to record what you say, then let the jury decide.

    Even the laywer (James Duane) make's that case. The 5th ammendment is to protect the innocent, not let the guilty off the hook.

    Listen to the show, you'll know what I mean.
  7. jebrown

    jebrown jebrown

    I am not sure if the police are the good guys or the bad guys. I have seen them act both ways.
    I spent 22years with the Red Cross working disasters. I have worked with law enforcement from city, county, state FBI DEA, ATF you name it. I also drove an ambulance it Los Angeles county for three years. Some I would do my level best to help if it was needed. Others I wouldn’t lift a finger for, that may sound harsh but they bring it on to themselves.
    As far as looking out for me I have never had the need for any one look out for me. I have done this successfully since I turned 18.
    Yes I have been around them when they do something good. When I see that I take it upon my self to let them know how much I appreciated their efforts.
    The don’t do anything wrong and you will have nothing to worry about is a very huge lie. I have seen it first hand particularly with domestic violence incidents. I also dated a civil rights attorney for about four years. She made a lucrative living dealing with law enforcement wrongdoing.
    The one thing she stressed more than anything was under whatever circumstance answer the question with as few words as possible. Do not volunteer anything regardless if you are a suspect or just being questioned about what happened.
    I also do photography and more than one time I have been at odds with police over where I can and can’t shoot.
    Interfering with a photographer shooting in a lawful manner is a violation of that individual’s first amendment right of free speech. I have never been arrested for any thing. Never let them have my film when they told me to turn it over to them. I told them that without a warrant it wasn’t happening and it never did.
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    I grew up in law enforcment (dad and uncles, friend of dads, etc.) and the reason they throw in that anything you say can and will be used against you is for that exact purpose. It's the LEO's job to collect information and seize individuals and properties based on statements(also to defend the public I'm not limiting their jobs). Providing a statement to the police is all taken into consideration on whether they are going to use there judgment to arrest you or another party. I would rather plead a case to a judge on my own recognizance than after a night in jail.

    I don't see you guys negatively at all and I know better than to provide gratuitous info. No offense. I love you guys and have seen the toll it takes on you. You should all be held in great esteem among all cultures and societies. I'm sorry that's not always the case.
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    Thanks for the kind words, Dean. I should point out, however, that I am no longer in law enforcement; I left because I saw very early on how much the job wears people down, and how it almost invariably turns decent guys into either A) complete a$$holes who are terribly jaded and hate humanity, or B) power-hungry a$$holes with huge egos. I think if I hadn't been so young when I went in, I would really have enjoyed it more and felt more fulfilled by it. I still debate going back into it, more every day.

    I think this is a big part of why I become so defensive when I feel like people are bashing cops: It's dealing with all of the negativity that drags those guys down.
  10. Todays Survival Show

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    Once again, this is not meant to bash cops. The more I think about it, it's about prosecutors. They will use anything against you, many times just to get a conviction. They could care less about innocence, they just want a conviction. The cops (investigators) gather the evidence.

    So again, please cease the cop bashing talk, that wasn't intended at all.

  11. Turtle

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    Sorry, I thought that I had made clear that I was apologizing in my previous post for assuming that "cop bashing" was originally intended in the initial post, and I may have over-reacted.

    No blood, no foul, eh?
  12. mrghostwalker

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    Actually we don't read people their rights until AFTER they have been arrested- not before. And only if we want to interview them about the incident once they are in custody.
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  13. Todays Survival Show

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    And that "interview" process is where you don't talk, unless you have your attorney present!
  14. Bua nó Bás

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    I agree with that view. Almost every time I have interaction with cops it never works out, even in situations where you're helpful to them. Whatever it is about cops, whenever you come into contact with them you make them aware of your existence and they generally pay attention to you from then on, whether you're innocent or not.

    If you have to talk to them (speeding or whatever), talk, but only say the minimum required and be conscious of everything you say, do, or how you appear.

    I've no time for the cops in my country, their double standards and downright impropriety is well documented. I just try my best to keep off the radar and have nothing to do with them.
  15. Zeev_Zwaard

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    You ARE joking, right?

    How many inocent people have seen their lives destroyed, how many people have died because of the police?

    You've GOT to be joking!

    How about Jose Guerena?

    Every detail in that case has "nazi" written all over it.

    And how many others?

    "Don't break the law, and you won't have anything to worry about"?

  16. TheLazyL

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    Don't break the law and you will have a whole lot less to worry about! Really!
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  17. BillS

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    You're looking at it from only one side. How many innocent people have the police helped? How many bad guys have they put away? How many people would be dead today without the police? What would society be like without the police?

    We live in country of about 310 million people. There are 794,000 police officers and you want to talk about ONE GUY as if he's representative of something???

    I'm sure at least 99 times out of 100 if you're not doing anything wrong you have nothing to worry about. Possibly 999 times out of 1000 if you're not doing anything wrong you don't have anything to worry about.
  18. Turtle

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    How many? Not very many at all. Are mistakes sometimes made? Yes, as we are human. However, police SAVE lives and PROTECT people FAR more often than not.

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  19. LincTex

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    Seriously... DON'T!!!

    Why You Should Never Talk To Police (1)

    Why You Should Never Talk To Police (2)
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    As dissent and firearms and firearms training are slowly being criminalized step by step in this country, we ALL have soemthing "to hide" that could be twisted by an ambitious prosecutor.

    When detained or under arrest for any reason say nothing, not even friendly banter when they engage you, not even jokingly talking about the coffee,.. nothing, nada, zilch until you have a lawyer there.

    While you are sitting in the interogation room just stare at the ceiling and think of your favorite science fiction novel or cats or whatever you matter how much they tryt o coax you.

    Remember they are allowed to lie to get you to say somthing incriminating and the way gun laws are going and the way things can get twisted, dont even try to explain away your harmless happenstance.

    Say nothing, dont consent to any searches of any kind, not even to "clear things up" with the friendly officer who just wants to help you and save your time so you can can go home...