"Don't Mess With Allah"...Preppers: Heads Up

Discussion in 'Religion' started by horseman09, May 7, 2010.

  1. horseman09

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    Fox News Headline today: "Don't mess with Allah. That's the new, unwritten code in Hollywood following the one-two punch of Islamic extremists' threats against the creators of "South Park" and the failed bombing attempt outside the cartoon’s parent company, Viacom, in New York's Times Square."

    As a whole, we Americans don't ever seen to learn.....appeasement never works.

    America and all of the Western World is running scared of Islamic Extremists to the point that even minor criticism of Islam sends everyone cowering in a corner. I admit I am subdued too, but not for myself. If I didn't have a family, I'd paste a caricature of Mohammed on my car and post one in my yard, not to disrespect Islam, but to send the message that we all have a right to live by our own beliefs.

    I have no right to kill you for your beliefs and vice versa.

    Preppers, it's coming. We're not going to like it, but it WILL reach critical mass.
  2. allen_idaho

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    Could you maybe post the anti-islam propaganda in the religion section from now on? Just a suggestion.

  3. horseman09

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    Idaho, I think you missed the first few words of my post: "Fox News Headline Today". Since it was "News" and it was a "Headline" and at the time, it was "Today", it was perfectly appropriate to post the news headline on that day under "Current News and Events".

    Furthermore, the article was not "anti-islam propaganda". It was -- here's that nasty word again, "NEWS". The event was published on every print and electronic news media in the country, so that hardly meets the definition of "propaganda".

    Just my personal opinion, Idaho, but I believe that when a group -- any group -- is dedicated to slaughtering, maiming, and torturing other people for the purpose of forcing their beliefs on them, then that group needs to be exposed and eliminated to stop the slaughtering, maiming and torturing. One way to accomplsh that is with facts and public awareness.
  4. marlas1too

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    islam came into being in the year 610 thats over 600 yrs after christanity and unlike christanity which preaches love (in the new testament) islam treats women like cattle and preaches hate and killing of any nonbeliver--its just a dangerous cult and not a religion and not the fuzzy warm people big brother wants us to belive-they want everyone to belive like they do or DIE--------remember its better to have and not need than need and not have
  5. kogneto

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    you'd have a hard time convincing a muslim that their entire way of life is based on the cruel tendencies found smattering the Koran. The Old Testament has them too, they're just lucky to have a good PR guy in King James.

    It's funny though, after this whole deal about a dozen of my friends changed their facebook profile pictures to Allahbomb or just the south park allah

    seems like telling people not to do something, just makes them want to do it more
  6. allen_idaho

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    Right. Right. Muslims evil. Christians do no wrong. Whatever. Seriously, religion forum.
  7. horseman09

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    Idaho, you seem to have a penchant for deliberately twisting -- and outright distorting -- meanings and words. I never used the word "Muslim" in the above post. I used the word "Radical extremists". Sounds to me as though YOU are the one who is blending radical Islamic killers with all Muslims. Hmmmm. Methinks there might be some Freudian principals rattling around in the recesses of your brain, Idaho. ;)
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    It's difficult to determine what is news about religion and what's religion. I see this as religion, I moved it. In the future if anyone has a question about where something belong shoot Naekid BunkerBob or Myself a pm and we will review it. That's what we are here for.
  9. TechAdmin

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    I'm on Reddit and the majority of religious groups I belong to ( I love religion, so a bunch of them) changed their pics to Allah to prove a point. No one is safe from scrutiny. The only issue I take with the networks cowering to terrorism is the same issue with the war in the middle east. Terrorism is a tactic, not an enemy. We are fighting Islamic Extremist, Not Islam. Islam has little to say about the issue, but it seems that we take everything said by individuals and use it to reflect the entire population and that's not right. It's like taking Davidian doctrines and saying all followers of Christ follow his teachings. We know that's wrong. I just don't like the generalization of Islam. Mohammedans have been responsible for some of the most influential thought to ever exist, they are just going through their own age of ignorance, so to speak.
  10. kogneto

    kogneto The Skeptic


    i remember hearing an anecdote about a medieval lord and an islamic prince exchanging gifts, and the lord sends his finest pelt of the largest bear in his realm as a sign of strength, and the prince sends him a working clock.
  11. faithmarie

    faithmarie mamoo

    Geert Wilders warnings to America on youtube. Recommended by a relative . He is from England and is always complaining England is being ruined by Islam.
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  12. TechAdmin

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    It is. Especially the concept of Islamic Banking. It's taking money that would be used for housing, anything really and transferring it to holdings in the middle east. They manage to circumvent Shari, by charging a flat rate to "use" the money as opposed to interest, as interest is forbidden. Christianity did the same thing back in the day, without the clever wording to make it legal to lend money, and it ended up turning the Christian world on it's head.
  13. philjam

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    Just my opinion - posts about Islam belong in politics. Islam is a present day violent and dangerous world wide political cult.
  14. JeepHammer

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    That's VERY naive of you.
    Behind Big Energy, Religion is the largest money maker in the world...
    Religion has ALWAYS been about business,
    The business of lending power to political leaders,
    The business of acquiring wealth,
    The business of undermining governments,
    The business of controlling the mass of the population...

    Religions are always about the acquisition of power for the 'Church' and wealth from it's supporters.
    Sometimes they lend that power to this or that politician, but for the most part, they hog it for their own means...
    Usually to recruit more 'Converted' in childhood so they are life long 'Supporters' in both manpower and monetary support.


    I don't respond to anyone trying to censor me,
    I WILL fight to the death to protect ANYONE's right to free speech.
    (Including bashing any religion!)

    So here is my response to 'Don't Mess With Allah...'

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  15. gypsysue

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    Ya know, JH is almost starting to seem like a parody! I find myself laughing at his posts lately! It's like a spoof on liberals or something! I can almost guess what he's going to write next, it's so classic! He probably sits there after making a post, laughing because he knows pretty much what people will write in response to his posts!

    Betchyer getting some good fixes, JH! Goes will with that pain management treatment, eh?

    After all, laughter is the best medicine!
  16. Magus

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    Religion is a blight upon the human mind and soul.

    Faith is fine,even Allah likes faith,

    religion however is like some kind of cancer that eats your mind and soul and leaves behind a zombie like parody of a human being.
  17. Diego2112

    Diego2112 Well-Known Member

    Religion divides people. Belief in SOMETHING unites them. Case in point, we are all united on this board in our belief that we need to prepare for... SOMETHING.

    Even the :quote: christain faith :quote: divides amoungst THEMSELVES! This is not FAITH, it is manmade BS.

    Personally, I believe that following CHRIST is a RELATIONSHIP, not a religion.
  18. HarleyRider

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    You are absolutely correct. :congrat:
  19. horseman09

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    Don't mess with the moderator

    Seems some posts have been deleted. Those posts were a whole lot more honest and polite than what we've been seeing from JH.

    Come on, Dean, what's the deal? Are you related or what? Why are you defending and protecting him at our expense? Many of us are discusted with JH's arrogance, his insults and his rudeness. If you recall, NaeKid even warned him a short while back to NOT insult the forum members again.

    One of the posts someone deleted was by Mosquitomountainman. It was a very concise and polite post outlining JH's indescretions, but MMM's posts were deleted yet JH's are still there.

  20. philjam

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    Thanks. Thought I was losing my mind.;)