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It has been deleted.

I am not a big fan of the dollar tree.... why buy 15 band-aids for $1 when you can get 50 for $2 somewhere else? Drinking glasses are $1 each there, but I can buy a whole set of 8 for $6 and change at other places.

It really does pay to shop around and compare... just because it is a buck doesn't always mean it is a great deal. Just be aware of how much stuff is supposed to cost and you'll be a smart shopper.

If you have a CVS in your area, sign up for their little card they offer. The coupons you will get in the mail slaughter the prices at the dollar tree when it comes to med/first aids supplies and preps.
CVS is on my last nerve. There are at least three specific items I have to get from them in my local area, but other than that I prefer to avoid them entirely when possible.

buy one of the items... scan my little member card... I might get nearly or MORE than 1 yard of receipt tape with coupons. $2 off shampoo, if I spend $20, $1 off this, if I spend X on that...

look, I'm by far the last of the people to be accused of being a tree hugging liberal, but FFS... stop burning down rainforests to hand me a ridiculously huge receipt from buying something.
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