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I don't know about dalmatian's specific needs.

But I used to have a labrador dog during a bad financial period of my life. I would often feed him a lot of "human food", along with some regular dog pellets. He really seemed to like: rice, all kinds of broth (and also homemade soup I would share with him), cabbage (would give him a quarter of the head at a time, we both ate a lot of it during these times), peppers (including hot peppers), oatmeal, many kind of culinary herbs during winter (herbs contain a lot of minerals and vitamins). During a hot summer day, as a treat, I would give him a small whole watermelon from my garden and watch the show! He also was crazy about corn on the knob (toasted on the barbecue without removing the husk, then cooled enough to prevent burns). He would eat it just like us, eating the kernels first, then he would also eat the heart. I would give him some olive or canola oil during winter (as recommended by my veterinarian).
Finally, he would also get some food by himself when I walked him to a field or a wood and let him go. He would catch mice (even under snow), ground hogs, small fish, ducks and he even tried a skunk :cry: and a deer (but couldn't get it).

Some veterinarian say that eating cereals may cause digestive problems in dogs. However, I worked for two weeks in a dog and cat food processing plant of a very big company a couple of years ago and I can tell you most of the brands contain a lot of cereals :confused: , vegetables and unfortunately bad fats (just like us, dogs get sick when they eat only junk food).

I know a lady who owns two dogs (they are 8 and 10 years old) and feed them the same thing as the rest of the family, all the time. But she cooks every single meal only from basic ingredients (no junk food at all). The dogs have a nice shiny fur, plenty of energy and look great.

I also know 4 different people who feed their dogs only raw meat, all the time. But their dogs are allowed to forage for greens on their properties. All dogs (10 in all) are doing well.
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