Does anyone know what this is?

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    I have a Digital Timer With Photogates. I recently acquired it from my local high school science department. I have tried researching it online but to no avail.

    Pacific Science Supplies, Inc 1998
    Model P64311
    It's lacking in details.

    The digital timer with photgates is designed to be used with air tracks, free fall aparatus and other equipment to record counts, time intervals, periods of oscillation, velocities, acceleration, eitc in physic experiments.

    It came with the Digital Timer (a big heavy box that looks expensive) and two photogates. I have hooked it up and it works. I was just wondering if anyone could tell me more about it and what I should do with it. Wouldn't mind knowing what its worth.
  2. Bigdog57

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    Write to PSS, Inc. They can likely provide the details, and a manual.

  3. Tirediron

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    From your description it is for measuring velocity of objects between the photo gates, the time interval from when said object breaks the beam of gate 1 to the time it breaks the beam on gate 2 , if the photo gates can be moved or more added it could be used for a security device I think :2thumb:
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    I tried getting information on this a while back from PSS, but they had changed companies (bought out) and didnt know anything about it.
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    Digital Time

    Somebody just dropped a box containing the drop apparatus that goes with your digital timer. It is used to measure acceleration due to the force of gravity. I am a science teacher for a middle school, in Florida. We are unable to sell school equipment so the next logical question would be if you could consider selling your timer? It would make a great resource for my physical science class. Thanks.

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    We used one in physics to experimentally measure acceleration due to gravity.
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    in my science / chemistry class we made pop skull whiskey
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    I hate to go OT but have to ask...

    How did you make a distilled product without distillation?
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    That is why I had to ask. FREEZING a 'wine' is not popskull, it is Jack. Nothing like whiskey/brandy. You CAN make some fiiiiiiine Jack.

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    EDIT: Forgot to add! These unethical bastages will run HOT and FAST to get it done quick. Low and slow, is what you want to sip on.
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