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since sooner or later we all die anyway,why worry about it.
Of course if your young it would matter more to know the futures looking dim thanks to the past.
I'm sorry I did my part to try and stop it but it as an uphill battle.
I'm proud of what was my fellow Americans'there still are some'and believe in God so I feel like my time with politics s over.
I'm going to pasture One Trick and hope he does'nt end up being supper one day.
I'll prepare as best I can to survive as long as I can.
If I made anyone mad,it was'nt intenional.I'm not from this generaion and I have'nrt let it change my morals,values or dedication to my nation.I'm sure soem here have for the sake of family and peace or involved with immigrants or libs that have much to do with your PC.
I don't want any mre PMs,I like to keep it in the open from here on unless the clique gets me banned ,then it won't matter.
I think we're going to see the collapse in the next year or so. When you think about it from that standpoint there are a lot of things that just aren't that important anymore. America is like the Titanic before it hit the iceberg. Those that survive will remember what it used to be. I hope to survive a long time after the collapse. We're doing all we can to prepare. When I go places and see all the people I can't help but wonder how many will survive after the crash.
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