Dodgeball and the decline of America

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    On a side note, after the meeting we were walking down the hallway when a very buxom (read as: large / pronounced cleavage) and pretty young teacher stopped my son to ask him about an assignment. My son then introduced me to her and her to me. Only he seemingly had a Freudian slip and introduced her by her nickname of "Mrs. DD's". Surprised I looked at him and said "Excuse me?". He looked at me and said "No really". I looked at her and was about to apologize when she said "I know, my name really is Mrs. Dubldeez. I probably should have become an elementary school teacher". Then she walked off. My son looked at me and said "I don't get it". It was a long car ride home. :)

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    Without photographic evidence, we cannot be expected to believe this. Going to need photos, preferably accompanied by measurements.
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    Damn, Sentry. You are a total badass.
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    I want sentry to adopt me, and I'm forty years old! :scratch
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    So just to wrap this up; Dodge Ball is back in all of it's glory. I met with the Superintendent of schools who was an articulate and well spoken person who talked at length about liability, lawsuits and politics. He even said that "common sense was no longer the driving force in any decision" and "It's getting harder and harder to find teachers who can separate their personal beliefs from their profession". I also found out that the Mother of a boy in my son's class was even being more assertive and vocal about the changes than I was. The Mrs. has a coffee date with her tomorrow so they can join forces for good. Anyway, now students can choose between standard rules or special rules D-Ball during P.E. class. Monday was the first day of this new system. Only 4 kids opted for special rules D-Ball. On Tuesday only 3 kids opted in. And now, more importantly than his being able to play real dodge ball, he was reminded that sometimes you have to stand up and refuse to just go along.
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    Congratulations and Bravo!!! So glad to see someone us able to have an impact . Our county is a lost cause, which is why I'm so thankful our only child is graduating in seven months. I have been heavily involved throughout her entire school career and the Board and administrators have deteriorated every year. Unfortunately that experience seems to be pervasive; i.e., idiots everywhere!
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    My school uses foam balls, but thats the only thing you are describing. Sometimes the coach will turn a blind eye and let us use what ever (basketballs are a bad idea) so its not taken too seriously here