Doctor Won't Accept Insurance

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  1. UncleJoe

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    Found this in my travels tonight. Kudos to the doc. :beercheer:

    Doctor as renegade -- accepts cash, checks, eggs or pie, not insurance | Minnesota Public Radio News

    Osakis, Minn. — Dr. Susan Rutten Wasson sits on the corner of a bed in the cramped bedroom of Alice Johnson, a 91-year-old Osakis resident everyone calls "Grandma Alice." She's examining Johnson's arm, which is swollen, she's determined, because of a tight sleeve cuff.

    Also in the room are Alice's daughter, Ione, and granddaughter, Anne, who lives downstairs in the farmhouse Johnson has occupied for decades. A Rottweiler mix as big as a Shetland licks the face of 18-month-old Sarah, Rutten Wasson's daughter, who sits on the doctor's lap.

    It's more a scene from the days of frontier medicine than from the modern health care system. And that's because Rutten Wasson, 42, is a throwback to a time before HMOs, electronic health records and hospitals with fountains in their lobbies. She sees patients the same day they call if she's not booked up, spends at least a half-hour per visit — compared to the more typical 15 minutes — and usually charges only $50 for a consultation. She takes cash or check, but no insurance — and sometimes accepts gratuities of a dozen fresh eggs or a pie...

    ...Compared to other doctors, says Rutten Wasson, "I don't waste anywhere near as much time on paperwork. Yes, I do other things. I take out my own trash. I clean my own instruments. I clean my own toilets." She prefers this to working within the insurance system. "I'm autonomous. I don't let third-party payers or clinic staff get between me and the patient."
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    I love it. Wish our doc would do that.

  3. RevWC

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    I am in my 50's and remember our doctor making house calls when I was a kid!
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    But I can see the gobbermint coming along telling them they can't do that ...
  5. Tirediron

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    I bet that doctor is ready for SHTF also :2thumb:
  6. Meerkat

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    One in a million.I can remember dr.s doing house calls.Treatign the poor for what they could afford to pay.back then most people did'nt like chaity so they paid what they could or paid later when they got the money.

    Now they would be taken advantage of in most cities.Sued for greed.

    We also had charity hospitals and clinics for our poor who paid a small fee.Mostly interns [supervised by dr.s] benefitting along with the patiants.Now the medical schools are more or less pill pushers and libs.

    Hospitals and clinics are overrun with poor from all over the world.Take up more time and resources because they are less healthy than citizens and have more kids and in many cases more wives.One in Detroit was busted for having several wives and dozens of kids all on welfare.

    It all goes back to the changing culture and values of a nation bent on suicide.
    Giddy up One Trick time to warn the sheep about the invasion.
  7. UncleJoe

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    I was thinking that same thing as I read the article! Some other doctor that IS in the system will complain to a bureaucrat that he is losing patient's so this girl will get some phoney, trumped up charge and be shut down.
  8. petedewd

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    How about the government posing as secret shoppers to see if dr's taking private insurance patients over medicare patients?

    The implosion is starting and soon laws to prop up a failing health system that mandate what patients Drs take into their private practice will seal the deal. For anyone who doesn't know, most primary care Drs actually lose money when they see a medicare patient because the reimbursement is so bad.
  9. Meerkat

    Meerkat Seeking The Truth

    AMA has ben highjacked like all other groups.

    Dr.s don't get paid nearly what they are worth anymore. I like my dr.s like my pilots,happy and loving life.They deserve it medical school is very hard work.And it takes years of study.Why do all that to live in poverty?

    Of course like Pelosi said they will keep their care,this new care is reserved for us serfs.