Do people ride moose in Canada or USA?

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    I've researched the brilliant idea of riding moose. I've found out that there is one guy in Sweden doing it. Apparently he has run in to several problems, all which have either been partially solved or proven non critical problems.

    Problems had been; he didn't know how to train it, he solved that by training it both like a dog and like a horse and noticed which worked for each situation. Moose are sometimes violent, he solved this by showing himself dominant all the time, much the same as elephant trainers do. He got a costume made bridle and horseshoes that needed to be attached by a veterinarian (since moose don't have hoofs). Of course riding the moose was just barely working. Though it did "work" in the sense that he was able to ride and control where the moose was going, without being thrown of.

    I also found a town in Russia where they have selectively breed moose since the Soviet era in hopes of one day have a breed of moose that are better suited for riding and other domestic uses. Very little information was to be found about this place, apparently nowadays they financed the whole thing by tourism, since the moose was already calm enough not to be dangerous.

    I found nothing in the other two moose countries, USA and Canada. Have anyone of your ever heard of someone trying to ride a moose? Any attempts to train moose or even domesticate them?

    (Yes, I have seen the clip of the guy trying to jump on a moose and get thrown off)

    (Yes, I know the Swedish army tried to train moose in the 19th century)

    (Yes, I know this is a silly topic)

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    Umm ... I haven't heard of it before, so if anyone has been ridin' moose, they haven't shared it with me ..

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    Well, they're cracking down on keeping Elk domestically on "elk farms" and it isn't legal to keep deer domestically in the USA. I'm guessing it probably isn't legal to capture or keep a moose here, so I don't know if anyone has had a chance to try.

    Moose MEAT is pretty tasty, I know that! lol
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    better tell THESE guys that... :eek: :D

    Ohio Deer Farms

    Deer Directory Featured Listing - Blackhawk Farm

    TOWCOW Deer Farm
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    I want to know what kind of fence you use to keep a moose in with.

    One of our friends from "up North" said they were 'heck' on the fence they had around their dairy farm???
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    A Logger in Either Alaska or Northern BC had one that he skidded logs with, until breeding season and the moose would disappear for a while . I will see if I can find a link.

    I don't think they would be the best choice, moose tend to not consider consequences at all:dunno:
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    There's one elk farm still here in NW Montana but the government has shut most of them down out of fear of "bruselosis" (however it's spelled) possibly starting and spreading to cattle, which is the livelihood of a lot of people here.

    In the article about shutting down the farms, it stated that deer farms or keeping deer domestically had been outlawed in the US because of the concern over Cronic wasting disease. Maybe they only meant Whitetail deer? dunno. I don't have time to click on the links above, but thanks for posting the information. It's good to know, even if I'm the one who's wrong!

    Based on what I've heard/read, I assumed moose probably haven't been domesticated and probably wouldn't be allowed to be.

    Tirediron, that's interesting about one being used to skid logs. They certainly look strong enough! We have a lot of them around here and have been challenged by and almost run over by a few.
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    He should have known that the moose was at his weekly meeting at the Moose Lodge! :eek:
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    Gypsysue, the reporter who wrote that article needed to research a little better. There are lots -- and I do mean lots -- of whitetail deer farms here in PA. Kinda funny because we also have a very healthy wt wild population. In fact, there are more deer in the county where I live than people. Suits me just fine. :)

    As to chronic wasting disease, according to the PA Game Commission, chronic wasting disease does not occur in PA. Ahhh, consider the source, though.
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    TRUTH :gaah:
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    i saw this and i immediately thought of i picture that my TA in my history 153 class showed us in one of our lessons, there was a river too deep for teddy roosevelt to cross so he rode a moose across it. so i do know teddy did it a long time ago
    edit: found picture:
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    OR the Royal Canadian Kilted Yaksmen?

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    I visited a zoo in Finland, and didn't recognise the moose as they were youngsters with no antlers ... turns out the previous moose had had enough of captivity and escaped one night!

    Perhaps riding reindeer would be better, after all it works for Santa! :D
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    Santa rides reindeer? :scratch I thought he rode behind them! :dunno::ignore:
    But I get your point! :D
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    I don't know if you ever seen one upclose but I don't think I'd have testicular fortitude to even climb one.I was cutting firewood a few months ago and saw one about 40 feet off. Just standing there and completly ignoring me or my chainsaw.So I bravely turned around, took out my lunch and my vallet,set em on the ground and drove away :). But seriously--I'd rather kick a tiger in the testes.
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    They definately have an attitude, one you would expect from a large carnivour
    I am pretty sure the ones people ride are raised from a calf
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    they're to unpredictable like a holstein bull, one second they're standing beside you, they next second, they're standing over you with a horn thru your kidney.
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    Moose and squirell! They'll show you how to do it! :D

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    Moose have been used for pulling, but for the most part they are unstable and unpredictable for serious use. Additionally you would need to raise one from a baby because once they are actually big enough to ride, if you haven't trained them before hand are way to dangerous to get near. Any "wild" animal is not going to make it as good for transportation as a domestic raised animal. The only exceptions to that are "wild" horses and domestic Caribou. You would have better luck training and raising a steer or horse to ride and pull then you would a moose.