DMSO Barrels?

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    Hi all,
    This is my first post on the forum.
    I picked up some new barrels to add to my water storage but, they have been used for DMSO.. they have no smell, I have rinsed them thouroghly and as I recall DMSO has no ill effects (at least not in the small amount I would expect to see in this case) But, do you think they are OK?

    A search didn't turn up any relevent results...
    I got them super cheap and could just take them to the dump if they are no good.

  2. NaeKid

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    I had to look up DMSO as I haven't heard of the product described as such before. Dimethyl sulfoxide - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    According to the safety-section of the Wiki, it is used by medical professionals for reducing swelling in trauma to the head. I would hazzard a guess that it would probably be fine for water-storage, but, for the first while use the containers for outside water (rain-water) to be used for watering the lawn and then maybe transfer them to inside water storage.

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    Perhaps you should wash them well with maybe dishwashing soap first and then a bunch of baking soda. I would be leery of old medical product barrels.

    Was the DMSO in powder or liquid form? Why would anyplace need 55 gallons at a time?!?
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    as I recall DMSO is non-toxic (not that I would want to drink any :rolleyes: ) but its primary danger is the 'transport' properties (allowing hitchhiker molecules to bypass cellular barriers such as skin or other epithelials (gut linings, but the mucus naturally present there should protect you)) it exhibits. DMSO actually deactivates some viruses (they and bacteria are too large to 'jump' with the DMSO anyway).

    PS MILK contains small amounts of DMSO naturally...
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    Good question!
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    It is used as a solvent in manufacturing.