Disturbing news confirms zombie theory.

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    Was watching the 1/15 show of 'OnQ' from WQED Pittsburgh. The discussion was around the Haiti tragedy and how desperate people do desperate things. One frumpy, middle aged lady who was a lawyer told the lady panelist across from her that "she would take her out to get some water for her kids' if it became necessary.

    I thought to myself, WOW, if someone like her would resort to such tactics, how much more uncivil will the lower dregs of society be is such an emergency?

    My own philosophy is this...If I have not prepared or my preparations become unusable...then too bad for me. I would not plan on killing others or robbing by force. Survivalists should understand that no ones head is bullet proof and we all have to go outside some time. I would accept that is how things are and try to 'pass on' in peace.
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    Watch what hungry animals do when put into a crowded environment with dwindeling food and water. People , although more civilized, will do the same thing given enough stress. We are animals by nature, and pushed enough will react the same as the rest of the animal kingdom.

    No one needs to pretend that they would never do this or that---yes you would given the right circumstances. Starvation or thirst will make you do strange things--believe it.

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    After long enough without food and water (food especially due to the nature of it and often lack of availability) we start losing the ability to keep certain parts and functions of our brain active. One of the things that gets turned off almost immediately is inhibition and conscientiousness. The two things that will keep you from killing and stealing.
    You body is hungry and it will do what it can to stay fed.
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    Greaseman and Dean are right- I don't think many people realize what they are capable of doing in a given situation. I hope and pray I don't have to find out.

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    Anyone who has any doubts about this would do well to research the Donner Party.

    ok,ok, it's an extreme example, but it proves the point.
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    If you read accounts of American prisoners held by the japanease in places like the Philipines, during WWII, they were so hungry, they would eat almost anything. a rat didn't stand a chance in a camp. Hunger will make you do horrible things, and the Donner party proved that in the late 1800's.

    I can only hope that the preps that I do will spare me from ever facing difficult choices. Some posts that I have read on different blogs, concerning available food supplies in the US, for 2010, don't sound too promising. You know the government can't say anything about it as it would cause a panic. As soon as there is even a percieved shortage, it's game time. You know there will be panic buying, and fights over what's left on the shelves. it won't be a good time to be trying to buy food. get it now, while you have a chance.
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    My wife actually brought up a good point today; she teaches a Christian Morality class (she is a religion teacher at a Catholic high school) and she was kind of disturbed that so many of her kids kept saying that the Haitians are acting like animals. So last night she made a powerpoint presentation full of pictures of the people of Haiti to show her classes . . . once you see the faces of these people, and recognize them as people . . . it definitely takes on a different perspective.
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    Some researcher's say that when the human body reaches a point in starvation, the brain switches things off and we go primal and all bets are off. We won't even know it. If this is the case, there will be a crap load of zombies around, the real ones. A lota folks make light of the zombie thang but millions of starving people would be a bad day. You can bet things will get bad if the food runs out all moral issues are mute when this explodes.
  10. teresa

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    First post..

    People will do anything for food and water.I live right off the highway 50 mins from a major city. something goes down,I'm not staying here,this is one place people would look for water, food.
    Thank god we have 30 ac in the middle of no where,with a cabin,very small, have a large family.will have to have tent there to.
    I have not prepared for food yet, but it is really starting to worry me.
  11. Tex

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    The temptation to steal food and water will be immense in that kind of situation, especially if their kids are at risk. The best you can do is be prepared and be ready to share or defend as your conscience allows.
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    All I am going to say is this. Remember back about 20 years ago when a plain went down and the people had no food. I do, they started eating each other. That's one thing I will never forget, and I am preparing for the inevitable. Lots of ammo, lots of guns and lots of supplies I will depend on myself to keep my 2 kids and 6 grandkids safe. You may think the human race is evolved but there are people out there who will kill someone for the change they have in their pockets, and they ain't starving yet. Just my own personal way of cheering you up :eek:
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    I personally prepare as much as possible with the hope that I won't have to go out and scrounge for food and water. I have two young children though and if it came down to taking someone else's stuff to ensure our well being I am prepared to do that. I know that sounds horrible, but I could do a lot of horrible stuff to feed my kids.
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    Great example, they were involved in a natural disaster also. You do what you have to. I live in a city full of zombies and will definately want to blend in with them how ever will have my preps put away awaiting there use when the time becomes neccessary. I can't afford land right now but am looking for a convenient camp ground to locate the BOT and part of the preps.
  15. TechAdmin

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    I'm not stocked up on 9mm rounds because they're great for hunting.
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    Not to put too fine of a point on it but there was a recent article about how they had just done an archeological dig on the Donner site and found lots of small animal bones and other stuff but not one sign that humans had been eaten..but who really knows...really..

    I'm glad to see some real honest remarks here in this thread, I belong to a few other forums and to hear them tell it they will share all they have with anybody who needs it because it's the christian thing to do, even if in the end they have nothing for their own kids...to me this is just too unrealistic to believe..

    I know that if the Great depression of the 20's hit here today people would be a lot worse then our Grand Parents were! the moral fabric of the nation is ripped deeply compared to back then...I believe people will turn to crime and worse in a heart beat, just because the "MAN" ain't around anymore.. and if the SHTF how many prisons will be emptied because it's inhuman to keep them locked up to starve? with no regard to what they will do as soon as they are loose... face it, a lot of the folks in prison are not there because they smoked a joint!!..if they rob and kill in good times what will they do in SHTF days?....

    We will all do what we have to if our loved ones are starving and I would like to think we are the good guys...

    I know that if the baloon does go up I will dig in and stay out of sight for a good long time... not even growing a garden.. just care for the animals from cover... wait the main storm out...in time the BG's will meet their fate or kill each other off.. or die at your gate...whatever...heads down, guns up...
  17. greaseman

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    I don't really know what everyone on this board would do, but I would try to look out for my family first. I would help my neighbors though, as we have know each other for 30 plus years, and I would need them for help in guarding what I had. In exchange, I would help them with food---a fair trade. My other neighbor is also a prepper, and recently informed me of what he had stored, and the weapons he bought to protect his stash.

    So, I feel as safe here as I can. Even if things get real bad, I don't intend to be a famine relief camp. Lay as low as possible, and watch out for the hordes of hungry people. Also, depending on how bad things are, I think growing a garden outside might be like putting up a neon sign welcoming everybody. I might have to pass on that idea for a while. Good luck guys.
  18. sailaway

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    Personally I like the idea of gardening, I like planting root vegetables, the zombies wouldn't notice them. There is alot of talk about weapons on this thread, I am all for them and a gun is an effective tool when you know how to use it accurately, but having alot of guns and ammo is pointless if you don't. I would encourage those of you just getting into shooting to really hone your skills. Ast questions of the long term gun enthusiasts and ex/military members of this site. They are a wealth of information, you will figure out who to contact as you become more familiar with the site. I might also suggest that you attend an Appleseed Event. :2thumb: Sail
  19. ditzyjan56

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    You are correct. There are many who have bought guns and think they will be fine when SHTF. People need to take a class on gun handling or at least find someone they are sure knows how to teach them how to take care of and shoot it, Its harder than it looks,they're heavy and cumbersome for us women. I was taught to use a gun and how to take care of one by my husband for many years, before he passed away. We used to go hunting together for years. Then I didn't use them for a while and when I did I felt uncomfortable until I practiced with them for a while. Now I practice at least once every 2 months.
  20. pdx210

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    when there's nothing left in cities people will head for the country