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    Hi I''m "Elle"

    I am currently a PhD Candidate at Northcentral University out of Arizona and a fellow prepper. I a currently working on my dissertation entitled:

    The Prepper: A multiple case study of individuals who choose a moderate survivalist lifestyle.

    I am not in the data collection state (probably Jun/Jul) but would like to email with individuals who may be interested in participating. Your identity will be protected. If you are interested please email me at [email protected]

    For those that may be intersted in participating in my interview process, I am looking for all types of individuals. I want people who live in big cities, small towns, or out in the sticks. I want all walks of life, prior military, business owners, hourly workers, anyone. All types of backgrounds too. I know a guy that preps because that is the way he was raised. His family basically started reusing, storing, gardening ect., from back during the depression. They never called it prepping, just surviving.

    If you own a blog, I would like to interview and analyze your blog.

    This is actually a Business and Technology degree in Homeland Security Leadership and Policy.

    Before anyone gets nervous. I focus mostly on personal security. I did Force Protection briefings in the military. Also, wouldn't it be good to have someone with "inside knowledge"

    I work in the Forest Service now and trust me, few people know I am a prepper.

    See my blog at
    My Time in Dissertation Hell
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  2. Elle42

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    I know some of you may be interested but a little worried about participating. Let me assure you that your identity will be 100% protected. You will only be identified as participant#.

    Most of you will participate via phone. I will be purchase a disposable cell phone which will be destroyed so there will be no record of our call. At any point you can stop the interview or not participate at all. The only caveat is that you consider yourself a prepper since this is what it is about.

    You can see more about what is going on in my posts on www.americanpreppernetwork.net

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  3. Reblazed

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    Reading you blog certainly pointed out the trials and tribulations of your dissertation process. Not the least of which might be finding serious preppers who are willing to give you a real name and address to complete the questionnaire. Good Luck.
  4. BizzyB

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    Aaah, the dissertation. A tip o' the hat to you for getting that far!

    So I'm curious -- can you share your study objectives without biasing the sample? And speaking of bias, seems like volunteers from here would be inherently self-selecting. Do you have access to samples that don't hang out on internet forums? It'd be interesting to compare those who feel the need to chat (@ some level of anonymity) vs. those who do their thing without any fanfare or social support.

    I'm not volunteering just yet. I'd have to come with the real name/addy of one of the illegals who live nearby... ;)
  5. MrSfstk8d

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    Welcome and good luck.
  6. Elle42

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    Hi All,
    Its more of a purposive sample. Some people have already been "selected" based on the fact I know them and know they are preppers. I'm just trying to make the sample size larger.

    The gist of the dissertation is the evolution of some survivalists into the prepper social movement and how the internet has contributed.

    As far as name and address. I do not need your address unless you invite me out to your home (NM only) and it would not be recorded anywhere. Your name will only go on the informed consent form and only I will have access to that information. On the dissertation itself, you would be identified as Participant#. The informed consent form will be locked in a cabinet in my home. No one will have access except me.

    Thanks for your interest, let me know if you would like to participate, sometime in Jun/Jul.

    My Time in Dissertation Hell
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  7. Elle42

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    Please be assured that this dissertation is for PhD fulfillment only. This is not a government project. I work for the Forest Service doing admin work. I am a prepper myself, trust me I would not do anything to hurt anyone. Your identity is safe with me.
  8. TwoHoot

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    What I care to reveal about my preparations to the public will be posted here or on FerFAL's Modern Survivalist Forum.
    For a general overview of my outlook on preparing for hard times, see my post entitled "Prepare for ...What" on this forum.
    I hope that is helpful to your efforts.
    I am not interested in doing interviews with anonymous strangers on the phone.
  9. *Andi

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    Well ... I guess I'm out, I'm not a survivalist :D ... Not even a moderate survivalist.

    Good luck with your project.
  10. Elle42

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    I am actually looking for preppers so if you consider yourself a prepper just keep an eye out around Jun/Jul when I ask to interview people.
  11. SaskDame

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    PhD Huh!

    What did she say?
  12. BadgeBunny

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    :D Me neither ... I just hang out here for the knitting and crocheting projects! ;)

    I do wish you well with your dissertation though Elle.
  13. HarleyRider

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    I'm just the comic relief in the group. :D
  14. gypsysue

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    And what fine comic relief you are, when you're not busy writing lyrics for us! :D

    I bought a box of bandaids last week. Just in case, you know. Does that mean I'm a prepper now? Okay, I know, I'm being a smart-alec.

    Hmmm..."social prepper" vs. "non-social, non-internet, non-forum prepper". We're being sub-categorized!

    Not to mention the geographical sub-categories of urban, semi-urban, rural, and absolute middle of nowhere (my house! lol).

    It almost sounded interesting until those two dreadful words..."trust me"! :gaah:
  15. Elle42

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    Dissertation Update

    Been kind of depressed with this dissertation thing. It sure gets boring working for the same project for over a year. Probably another year to go with all the delays. Still looking for participants.
  16. Elle42

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    Hello Fellow Preppers,

    The topic of the proposed research is “The Preppers: A Multiple Case Study of Individuals Who Choose a Moderate Survivalist Lifestyle”. The study will be conducted to solicit preppers’ opinions and views about the prepper movement. The purpose of this study is to identify the prepper movement and to provide valuable information to help understand the different aspects or characteristics of this movement.

    You are invited to participate in this study by agreeing to an in-person interview or by telephone. Nine questions will be asked during this interview. The interview session will last approximately two hours. Follow-up or probing questions may be necessary to solicit additional information or to clarify your responses. The data collected will be used solely for the purposes of the study.

    All information provided will be confidential and anonymous. If you are willing to participate, kindly provide the following information: name, email address, and contact number via email to [email protected]. After data collection approval, you will be contacted to schedule an in-person interview or telephone interview. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me using the above email address or 505-358-5114. Thank you for your willingness to participate in this doctoral study.


    Lee’Ann Imel-Hartford, Doctoral Candidate
    Northcentral University

    Mohamad Hammoud, PhD., Dissertation Committee Chair
    Northcentral University
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    Is this your website?

    I saw a blog address, different than the above, so personally, I really, really hope that is your website and not the above. The American Prepper Network site is one of those sites that is links to links to links to links to links to links to links..... You get the idea. Going nowhere and a royal pain in the backside and such a waste of time.

    So I went to the blog address and saw that you are posting there.

    So the American Prepper Network: ?????
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    we get this kind of thing every now and again on our side of the pond too, generally most of us keep a low profile, do the grey man thing and dont get involved, much easier that way, you dont know who is on the level, which ones only want to get the credit or make money at it, even if some of them might be government agencies trying to be clever, so to make a long story short i guess thats a no from me!:nuts:
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    Stay out of my yard sheep-skin.

    <---Survivalist and professional grouchy old man.
  20. Elle42

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    This is a legitimate request. I have posted on american preppers but i am my own person. I really dont post a lot try to keep to myself. I am just trying to to solicite individuals to help me with my dissertation. I will not solicite any private info except your email, which you can create a new one and a number to call which you can call me and block if you want. None of the questions will ask you about your private preps. its just about personal experiences. Email me at ncudissertation if you have any questions.