Disinformation Tactics

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    How we are informed by the powers-that-be, to conform to their way of thinking.

    Disinformation Tactics: The Methods Used To Keep You In The Dark - BlackListed News

    The endless creation of dichotomies, and the neat arrangement of ideologies along left/right lines, offers average people a very simple (though hopelessly inaccurate) way of thinking about politics. It forces them to choose a side, usually based solely on emotional or cultural reasons, and often lures them into supporting positions they would otherwise disagree with. It fosters an environment in which beating the other team is more important than ensuring the integrity of your own. Perhaps most importantly, it allows the social engineer to determine what is “fair game” for debate, and what is not.

    One merely needs to observe a heated debate between a Democrat and a Republican to see how deeply this belief has been ingrained on both sides, and how destructive it is to true intellectual discourse.
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    Yeah the groupthink stifles intellect, candor and goodwill!!!!

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    it's a political version of good cop bad cop and holds no one in government accountable for anything
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    The polititians keep us unfocused to keep us unaware of liberties they are stealing. I was looking up some info about led lights and ended up at Wikipedia / Monsanto. I thought it interesting that under politics Monsanto as a company donated equally to the parties around $75,000.00 each a year. But special interest groups get $8,000,000.00 . They don't care who gets the vote. They pay them off to keep us occupied while they steal us blind. Note Monsanto was one of the early makers of led,s 1965.
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    really common with law firms, and energy providers too