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Does anybody here have or have a family member with a disease or disability that will make bugging out a much harder task?
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I can bug out anywhere as long as it is wheelchair accessible.
I am so sorry but God help me I laughed so hard I choked ... :congrat::congrat:

And I also have a disability that would make bugging out difficult. It is called "attitude". I am staying home. Period. End of discussion. :flower:

Now ... if it floods or a tornado blows through and my house winds up in Kansas get back with me and we will see how it goes from there.
Really badly, if shtf. Stuff that is stored up, above ground, is just going to be used by those who kill the ones who stored it. I understand that if it's the best you can do, it's all you can do, but it's a very, very slim chance that such "prepping" will suffice, if things ever really go to hell.
Duly noted ... guess I ought to just give up now and go to the spa for a mani/pedi and a wax ... :rolleyes:

Now, onto my more serious response. I have noticed a tendency for you to think in very black and white terms, without even a nod to the grey areas that surround black and white -- with your "observations" the only viable action, of course. I would contend that your obvious inability to consider the fluidity of life a real detriment to your chances of survival should the **** ever actually hit the fan.

I have also noticed that you seem to think we are all gonna die 2 days' into a "situation". Hmmmm ... yeah ... good luck with that ... you are gonna need it.
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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