Disarming America?

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  1. IrritatedWithUS

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    Well, here in my town there is a Gun Buy Back program coming this coming week. They are asking law-abiding citizens to hand over their gun ownership rights and give them their guns for a measly $30.00 and on up. They went as far as calling us criminals on the news. The news stated “the program will run for citizens to hand in their guns to keep them out of the hands of criminals”. Well, gee, last time I checked it wasn't a crime owning a gun. And gun owners usually don't give their guns to other people or criminals to use. If they're so worried about our guns being given to criminals, they should be handing out gun safes.
    One spokesman and sponsor is bringing 34 families affected by gun violence to march through town buying back guns to “represent the 34 people killed everyday by guns in America”. The spokesman said he supported the buyback program because his sister died in Virginia Tech in 2007 and he’s angry. He said he’s promoting the program and traveling nationwide because “the background check system is flawed in America. I was on 20/20 on camera and I bought 20 guns with no background checks”.

    What a load of s**t! Liberal media is at it again calling people criminals for protecting themselves and being responsible gun owners. I’m tired of the media promoting scare tactics with gun buybacks “to protect the community” and the “barbaric and irresponsible” gun shows around America handing guns to anybody including terrorists and everyone in-between.

    I’ve seen more and more of this on the news within the past few months. More gun buyback programs, more anti-gun propaganda...and I do not like it.

    What’s the plan with disarming America? What’s your theory?
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    I can't really express my feelings on this as I am a city official, but over the weekend in my home town Sandusky, Oh. we had our first police officer killed in the line of duty. (That is killed with a gun) The last officer killed in the line of duty was over 100 years ago. The suspect is in critical condition in Toledo, Oh. At age 50 he had 31 arrests in 21 years and was aquitted of murder in another shooting. Yea the system is flawed, I'm sure leagally he wasn't aloud to carry a concealed weapon, I doubt if he had his CCW as he was riding a bicycle. I'm sure the judicial system let society down the first time they let him go. His family is already saying he didn't do it according to the local paper. Somebody wants to give me a decent citizen $30.00 for my gun!:nuts: Lets see if we remove all the guns we will still have all the criminals out there committing crimes. If we remove all the criminals, most guns would just lay around and gather dust.

  3. GXLancer

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    My grandfather was killed in a car accident so maybe I should go around and try and collect peoples cars for $30 so there wont be any vehicular manslaughter:nuts:
  4. kyfarmer

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    The anti's are past libtard brain damage, ya can't fix StewPid! Sheep to be heared to the pen, ask those folk's in the commie countries when the govt. thug's roll through town if it's a good idea to give up your right or means to protect one's self, i think not.
  5. Asatrur

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    Wow, what the hell does this mean? I ride my bike to work and around 50% of the time and I have a CCW. A persons mode of transportation does not define anything about them.
  6. goshengirl

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    My guns are not in criminal hands.... problem solved. :p

    Who actually participates in the buybacks? I mean, if you're pro-gun-rights enough to own a gun in the first place, why would you give it up just because someone taunts you as being a criminal just for having a gun? Perhaps it will be a case of less sheeple having guns when TSHTF.
  7. CulexPipiens

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    Heck... $30 ??... I'd be tempted to go stand out front and tell people I'll give them $50. They get 20 more, I get some new toys cheep. :2thumb:

    Just sell off what you don't end up wanting to keep... at $50 you can probably still make a profit on almost every purchase.
  8. Clarice

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    Guns don't kill people. People kill people. Decent law abiding citizens are not going to give up their legally aquired guns at some wacko's request and leave themselves and their family at the mercy of the criminals who can get guns as easy as breathing. All the laws in the land will not stop the criminal, that's why they are called criminals. Stay armed and stay prepared.
  9. HozayBuck

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    What’s the plan with disarming America? What’s your theory?

    Well I know what I believe to be the push behind the whole "Gun Control" scam...
    It's not about control .. it's about the complete disarming of the American people..
    The real PTB's ..the ones who actually control our nation..not the so called elected leaders..but the hidden puppet masters . These are the ones who wish..no..want..hmm still no.. "NEED" yes need America disarmed , you see we are the last nation of free fully armed people in the world.. and "They" having a goal of a "New world Order" know that while America as a whole is becoming a weak nanny state there is a hard corps of armed Men and women who will fight to the death to avoid becoming good little slaves, and behind the few million of us is a vast army of armed millions, who while not willing to be among the first to fight will join in when the push becomes a hard shove..

    Within our cities ,towns ,villages and "Hollers" and swamps and farm lands , ranch lands and Mountains are 80 million Americans who own more then enough guns to arm every man, woman and child with at least one weapon..

    This is what the Gun Control push is about...now remove the word Gun....all that's left is the word "Control"... and therein lies the real purpose , the real need to disarm us...

    This is so plain it's like the nose on ones face yet the media even FOX will not talk about it...nobody will talk about it...

    So what needs to be said is this.."If you pass laws that violate our rights to be armed and you try to enforce them ..we will kill you! that's why we have them, not to shoot beer cans( pratice) or to shoot deer and ducks
    ( Training ) but to enforce our rights over your willingness to violate our rights.. no real Law Enforcement officer will try to enforce those laws because it violates our rights ... any LEO who would enforce such laws is the type who with no qualms marched people into gas chambers or shot then in the back of the head at the edge of a ditch.. LEO's will need to remember their oath is to the People and the Constitution ... those who don't have no right to say "I'm the law and you must obey"

    This is not a "Theory" it is a fact.. "They" want us disarmed and controlled , "We" want to live free... before this is resolved a lot of people will die.. all that remains is for each person to decide IF he will lay it all on the line to be a Taker of rights or a Defender of rights... OR. to be one who will hide safely under his bed while better men fight and die..

    So there is the way I see it and I think I'm right...Of course !! ...:D

    You each need to quietly ask yourself the simple question..will I stand or crawl...??

    with no fanfare , no chest beating.. just quietly ask yourself the question and answer yourself...

    If the answer is a positive yes then prepare now, today.. because it may not come in your life time but it will come, your sons and daughters may well be the ones faced with the battle.. what you do today to prepare may be what they will need when their time comes..

    This is how I see it , how I prepare for it.. I've given away many weapons to the children of my friends knowing that when I'm dead and gone all trails to those weapons die with me... one way or the other our Nation will have another war for freedom and Freedom is never "FREE"..
  10. lexsurivor

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    If the Left wants to ban all "dangerous things" then that pretty much bans everything.
    That pen next to you... That going into your neck is not going to feel good.
    That phone charger wouldent feel good strangulating you either.
    And that big motorized thing most drive everyday... well lets just say it kills about 42,000 people a year.
  11. IrritatedWithUS

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    The same news agency (KPTV) has an advertisement on their website. Unfortunately it's not a permanent link. It's a banner ad. I'm trying to refresh the page to get a screen shot of it again but I keep on getting weather and news ads. They had pictures of guns that said "KPTV Investigates the Dangers of Guns"

  12. unkinjoe

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    This is exactly why the "Oath Keepers" are on one of the gooberment watch lists as a militia type group.
    I hope the majority can stand firm when the time comes.:usaflag:
  13. ar15bob

    ar15bob ar15bob

    Mt wife and I have all ready made this decision,Im 60 years old have never been without a firearm of one kind or another, my wife and I avid shooters,I will never I MEAN NEVER!!!!!!!!! Give up my guns to anyone I will bleed and die on this peace of land before I give the right to defend my self period,once they take your guns your dead anyway whats the difference.No fema camps for me or my wife.I will die well smokin barrell empty mags.
  14. BasecampUSA

    BasecampUSA Sr. Homesteader

    Same here ar15bob...

    Molon Labe !

    We'll die with our boots on defending the constitution the way it was written and meant to be! This moth-bitten swiss cheese document they are trying to change it into.
  15. Dixie

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    They did a buy back in Georgia too one year. They rounded up quite a load of guns but none they were really after, mostly small hand guns that would need help getting through Jello.
  16. GXLancer

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    Awsome Idea, any gun is worth 50 bucks imo
  17. lexsurivor

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    Taking into consideration the intelligence of the people running this I say we go to the store buy a bunch of cheap airsoft guns paint em black and get $30 for them.:D
  18. JayJay

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    ~~~The spokesman said he supported the buyback program because his sister died in Virginia Tech in 2007 and he’s angry. He said he’s promoting the program and traveling nationwide because “the background check system is flawed ~~~

    Hwy, dude...maybe your sister should have been armed?? Just saying!!
  19. MrSfstk8d

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    Agreed, Jay Jay.

    Oh, and I think the point SA was making earlier about the bike, wasn't that all bike riders are bad people. I believe the correlation he was trying to make was that the guy couldn't legally drive a car, for one reason (or several), probably involving DUI, reckless endangerment, etc. Those prior felony charges would preclude him passing a background check and legally owning a firearm in that area, I assume. I got his point, but it was a roundabout way of getting there.

    Nothing funnier than seeing a middle aged guy riding a bike down the street with a mullet flying from under a filthy ball cap trying to balance a 24 pack of cheap beer on the handlebars. That's dedication, lol.