Devastateing Flooding in Kentucky

Discussion in 'International Current News & Events' started by kyfarmer, Jul 18, 2010.

  1. kyfarmer

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    In Pike County KY. we have been hit with a hard flash flood from nowhere, 6"-8" of rain dumped in an hour, then the flash flooding caught people in a mess. 2 dead and some missing. Some of my family lives right in the middle of that mess but they were lucky and got out. Lord what a mess. Massive flooding in Pike County
  2. mdprepper

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    I am so glad to hear your family is safe!

  3. OldCootHillbilly

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    We had a 500 year flood here two years ago. Somethin I don't care ta go through again!

    Sure hope everbody down there gets through it. Already some deaths which are tragic, hopefully no more.

    We be thinkin bout yall.
  4. mosquitomountainman

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    We'll keep you all in our prayers.
  5. gypsysue

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    Glad you and your family are safe, kyfarmer. How'd your garden come through with all that rain?
  6. bunkerbob

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    Wow, happy to see that you and your's came through ok.
  7. kyfarmer

    kyfarmer Well-Known Member

    We were on the almost dry side of this thing, it was weird to see all the water dumping there and we barely got a sprinkle. When this was going on my sister called and said, the whole world is washing away down here. The got their power back on Sunday evening at 8 O'clock. Some still don't have any. My cousin had a huge garden, had at least he never lost his house it got up on it but not in it. Lost some building's and thing's. That's not much compared to the folk's that lost everything. So many were site seeing that they were stopping the road clearing and had to be ran outa a lot of the bad hit areas. My brother in law got hold of his parent,s yesterday and they are fine. They live on a little hill and that saved their place. Some close neighbor's were not so lucky, they lost everything. Now we have a new system coming our way and it don't look good for the clean up effort's going on. Maybe it will go around all this.
  8. sailaway

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    Glad you are safe, seems like storms globally have become more frequent, violent but shorter and faster moving. I sometimes wonder if this because of all of the forests we have removed?:scratch Ohio used to be completely forest covered.:cry: Perhaps we are changing our own weather more tha we know.:dunno:
  9. NaeKid

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    I don't think that it is "us" as humans that are creating worse weather patterns, that is, unless you discount HAARP and cloud-seeding. Mother-nature will always find her balance when we try to screw it up. The harder that we try to screw it up, the more violent her reaction to it.

    Also, with the sun-spot activity changing, it will also change our weather patterns / temperatures - nothing we can do about that, just go along for the ride.

    4 years ago I read some interesting articles about how we should be expecting our weather to be changing - and - so far, those articles have been right-on for my area of the world ...
  10. kyfarmer

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    Well it did miss us, but our neighbors to the north got hit hard. North Ky., South Ohio and East West VA. all got pounded. Up to 7" in some place,s. Let's hope this will not result in any death's. So far none have been reported.
  11. kyfarmer

    kyfarmer Well-Known Member

    There were some folks lost in this one to. Hope it's over for a while.