Determining value of gold/silver.

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    The other thread has me wondering how a person should go about determining the value of gold, silver, jewelry, etc. should we get to a barter system in the future. I don't know how to tell if something is pure gold or silver what percentage of gold is in a gold ring, etc. How do you tell if a coin is really gold or silver? How much silver is actually in a "junk silver" coin? Does anyone here have a system they could share?

    I'm envisioning a post-SHTF scenario in which people are trading gold or silver jewelry, junk silver, etc. for merchandise. How would you keep from getting scammed?
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    I ordered a gold and silver test kit from this site awhile back. Good thing to have around to check what you have and to check something you might want to buy or barter for.
    Gold and Precious Metal Test Equipment, Silver Platinum Testing Supplies

    Because items may be plated you have to scratch through it to get a correct reading. Don't do like I did and leave the instructions in the container with the solutions, it caused the printing to almost fade away.