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Desert Survival Course

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After searching extensively for advanced survival courses in my area ( southern nevada ) i started thinking. it was a pretty long thought train, since i was pissed that i couldnt find anything. well i got to thinking that refining my own desert survival skills might be as good as learning more advanced things. i also thought that teaching people is the best way to refine skills already learned and to learn new things from new people.

anyway, i have been working out a lesson plan for a beginning desert survival class for 10-12 people. i have a friend on board who is also a "survivalist". my question is, is there anyone here who has given instruction on survival or wilderness training? is their anything specific i need to do legality wise ( business license, insurance, yada yada BS ) any tips or pointers would be great.

and also, once everything is set and done, what is a good price to charge for this service? not that im too terribly worried about the money, but time isnt free and people may feel jipped if they dont pay.

thanks for the advice

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1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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