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Neither deer corn or feed corn would be suitable for human consumption. and neither is a " good" food source in the first place. Additionally most of the corn available for human consumption is genetical modified and hybridized.

I suggest getting your own corn to grow from someplace like this Seeds Trust is dedicated to selling heirloom seeds, vegetable seeds, bulk wild flower seeds, ornamental grass seed, siberian tomato seeds and herb seeds to promote self-reliance and genetic preservation.
or this
Native Seeds/SEARCH

They have several kinds of open polinated heirloom type of seeds including corn. Several of these corn varieties were grown by the native americans and can stand storage dryed. Some varieties are better for grinding and others can be stored dry and rehydrated in the same manner as beans. Here in NM corn used for rehydration in beans are called Chicas.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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