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Dealing with the Police in St. Johns NFLD The RNC Royal Newfoundland Constabulary. Like children.

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So called the police here, 4 times tonight. So the 3rd time after I called, I waited outside for more than a hour. Never showed up. Called again and they did show up. They did a drive by only basically. Here them make some nasty comments though, at me.

Dealing with law enforcement, seems to be like dealing with children. Going to do the same old things, that they did in Yellowknife. Then they will wish, they had did there job..

Crazy and brutal. That's how it's done. Pretend things are better, than 50 or more years ago. The violence is different. They want you to be driven into violence and then blame you. It's your fault, you see, and there hands are clean. You are the crazy criminal.
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I wonder if it was the police who arranged different criminal to harass me at various airports as I flew here a few days ago.
when dealing with some mentally disturbed people In this case threatening and basically balling about stealing my laptop. Well I can't have that. Can not get any education at all, and such. Balling this out loud, around street people. A hard core gang member, even though, they pretend, they are not. Had no choice, but to threaten.

The really, mentally disturbed ones, only understand violence, and threats of violence. People screaming about, how they are going to get me kicked out and such. Some sure have nice vehicles.
Lots of creepy people coming around. Lots of things I could put on already.
My creepy. So July 13 2022 now. So this guy a day or two ago. Walked by my door with another grown man talking about how they are going to anally rape someome.

Creepy couple.

with everything already going on here. One of these guys making nasty comments abut me. More harassment. complaining about me taking pictures of there license plates. Recognize one of these guys voices already. Another trouble maker already. 2 of them right now. A enabler and a doer.

2 gang member neighbours. Mother and son. Masturbating together last night. Being noisy again now on purpose. They are the ones mostly now causing trouble. Wanting more trouble, harassment for me. Trying to keep this going. Just like they were screaming round street people to steal my computer and such. Music playing right now. Leeroy, leeroy, leeroy over and over again. Waste of time calling the police again.

July 19 2022. Night. So the women in this video came around talking to my sister earlier today asking for a condom. So twice today a big white guy barged into this place. The door lock and the dead bolt are still broken and for weeks. I was her the second time he came in. Told afterwards he came in earlier. Not invited in. Gang members neighbour. Called RNC around 100:30pm see what happens if anything. Partying since before noon today. More than 11 hours.

Talking to RNC July 19 2022. Does not start till about 1:30 into audio recording. Wrong date on recording. July 19 and not 17.
So another couple walking by and making nasty comments

so a vesicle of one of the people upstairs. Police are not stopping them, Right now 2:27AM in the mourning. Singing jihadi jihadi a few days ago at night. Fat fuck, I want you out of here, get the fuck out, Again with audio gear here.
So close to the end of this recording was talking the a member of the Royal Newfoundland constabulary. I think people are going to find it disturbing,

So it's mourning now. So this guy came out of upstairs. Got him recorded before. At it again before he left around 8:30am. Being really noisy and making nasty comments.

So it's 9:13 am. One of therm upstairs is singing. Leeroy, get the fuck out of here. Etc.

So more of them that have joined in on the jihadi fun.

So this guy lives upstairs and works at Paladin security apparently. I think he was the security person I walked by in the Avalon mall and he made nasty comments at me too. Even before I knew he was upstairs. Probably him right now. Up to his eyeballs in this type of stuff, and he is in security. Like the police are in security to. Police also out of control, and poorly punished.
Anyway maybe he's the one singing last night and others and again this mourning.

Various spoiled brat groups are the ones who mostly cause trouble and people who get involved in the gangs and drugs. Systematically, continiously.

People like law enforcement when properly punished don't dare do anything.

Another short video of just some of the guys from upstairs.
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July 21 2022. So got woken up by the people in 38 Feild street again, about 3:30am in the mourning. When they showed up. Playing loud music, and screaming, and stomping around. Walls were shaking from the music. As far as I know the police showed up the second time I called them. Threatened to arrest someone if they got to come back again. Threatened that someone is going to get into trouble.

So a few minutes after the police left. Lots of random balling and screaming. So I called thee police again. Never showed up. Also hundreds of times turning on and off a water tap. Then banging on the wall when they turn it off. Still going on and it's 7:04AM in the mourning right now. Still got my audio recording going. One came outside and got upset with me for recording him. Some women walked by, and sided with him and pretends to be a random walk by by-standard. Link to that video below.

So the police and courts need to protect them or they get into trouble with the police and courts. Otherwise the courts and police, pretend, you are the criminal.

So now that they can not pretend they are just having fun and not trying to harass me. I guess I will also upload a audio recording. Pretty disturbing when you understand them. Raging hard core. Turning a water tap on and off for hours without stopping and banging on the wall or something when it gets turned off. Random balling and such to. Jihadi just "had to" come out and say something. Raging and no pretending he is not. Acting like I am in the wrong as they do. Had a women show up supposedly randomly to, agreeing with him. She takes off fast when I record her too.

A normal person would not act like that. Audio recording still going with the water tap turned on and off then banging around. Masturbation noises. 7:11AM now. They are getting organized, and will be organized, with all around here, they go after.

Very mentally disturbed, with disturbing behaviours, when you understand them.

So video of one of the men from upstairs. Others took off, after the police showed up. So mad raging. Still at it. Turning a tap on and off and banging on something after it's turned off. 7:20AM. Can not pretend he is just having fun. There fun is there raging. So now he's mad and raging fast. A women shows up later saying he can not park here without a permit. She's saying, get out of here. He's too crazy, too fast. The other nut up there is still banging around and turning the tap on and off. 7:32AM.
You can see him in this video or another. Looking at someone in the doorway. they always like doing there abuse in a group. If they can. Witness. The police protect them and want to pretend they are the victims. Already understand such things to do to people. To do to there victims. They literally show up, to do such things to people. Would you show up 3:30AM somewhere to harass someone? So important to you, that you would do it more and more. Both of them are raging hard core already.

Audio recording.
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August 1 2022. After 100:00PM at night.

So just talked to the RNC again. Have several times since my last post. Saying they can't do anything about the noise. Not criminal behaviour and such. Nee to do this and that with peolple who arer also allowing this and other things to happen. Not allowed to sleep. Again. Told the RNC member. I going to start talking about things I never talked about yet. Said I was a abused human rights activist and that I will pit all of St. John's on the terrorist watch list and that it was funny yto watch the police run away. Then I said "I mean run away". Should have said put all the RNC on the terrorist watch list on the terrorist watch list. Let perverts come around and be around and abuse and others not to at there whim.

So I think at first I will remind people or make sure they know certain things I have already talked before in Yellowknife. More extreme abuse. Just pretending it's not. Being a little nicer about it. That's all. Will not say anything about it here. Did said all kinds of scary info to various anti-terrorist places online though before. Just so they know what I did. Watched the former president og the USA afterwards at one of those time I was talking threaten nuclear war. For one night only on the main stream media. See if it happens again with Joe Biden, I guess. Trying to get my harassment to stop. You can not even think right when that is being done to you. Can not concentrate.

Ever had your arm broken? Image people were allowed to come around and hit your broken arm. Then after doing that for years just touching your super sensitive arm constantly still. It will not heal. That is what they are doing to my mind still.

Pervert allowed to do that still to me. I will give them a ear full again. No justice. Just more abuse. When it's law enforcement and the government. Your government abusing you. You get no justice just more abuse. What a disaster making it about the courts for fake justice. For me anyway.

So my sister is here with me in St. John's Newfoundland and had several dealings with the RNC to. Apparently her former boyfriend beat her up. She,called the police and they said "what did you do to deserve it" basically. Maybe not the exact words. Just one example. Had to convert file to mp3, and cut of the last 3/4 of nothing, except typing and such.

That new category of nuclear munitions, that doesn't exist yet, or is not being talked about. Well maybe, eventually. I'm not real smart or anything. So I think one or more super power has it, and is not talking about it. That's all. A new type of tactical nuclear munition. With the stared number of tactical nuclear munitions, the USA says it has. I almost guarantee, the USA has them. Well for that, and other reason(s).

So when I do talk to the police. Sometimes they say call again if there is more noise. Then others imply it's a waist of time calling us, as in this recording. Mixed messages.

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So again I called the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary. Complaining about the noise. Police again sticking up for this person. Today August 8 2022.
Someone came to our door looking to buy drugs (weed) after he found out no one home at 34 Feild street.

Told me many times (RNC) there is nothing they can do about it. Up till 4,5, 6 AM in the mourning playing loud music, screaming, banging and shacking the walls.Not talking to me now. When they show up. No more noise, of star trek alarm going off, when I call anyway now. Going off in the police station when I call. More human garbage.

It appears the RNC are lying. Noise by-law here for the city of St. John's.
So section 3 I guess without brackets and then directly underneath (1) also.
Then in section 9 it says a summary conviction

Will put some recording on later of RNC doing this, and sticking up for a convicted pedophile, I think. Acts like one. Got threatening to fast. RNC saying what a nice guy that person is basically, and not to worry about him coming around the kid basically. That was 911 RNC.

So I talked before about when I was a kid. About the RCMP and some fathers almost getting into a gun battle at elementary school with each other when they could nor explain to parents satisfaction, why they were going to take some pretty young girl. 2 male police officers. She was scared of being sexually assaulted I though. I started screaming about it. Like when I was 8 or 9 or 10 years old. Her to that old. Maybe it was the RNC and not the RCMP. Or they got ride of the RCMP afterwards. Happened in Labrador. Part of Newfoundland. More harassment by using others again. Just like in Yellowknife.

So pdf of bylaw. Just in case they chance it. st johns noise bylaw.pdf

Again not allowed to sleep or study or relax. 12:57AM right now. Loud nonstop music and random banging, and screaming. More sleep deprivation torture.

When you have drug dealers around. Especially out of control ones. All kinds of freaks come around looking to do things for free booze and drugs. Favours. Etc.

Another drug dealer. Loved and protected by law enforcement. They are full-time rats to in real life. They cause the trouble and them rat you out, your kid out. Call the kid a rat. Etc. Thug the kid. Bring thugs around. Try to get you indebted. All your new drug addict party friends want you to supply.

So when the police refuse to enforce a noise by-law for example and lie to your face multiple times. What can you do really? More abuse. Literally got a drug dealer and others up to this. Want me to get a peace bond against her which will turn out to be impossible to do. They are supposed to do that. More lying.

Law enforcement needs to loose there jobs when they do this type of thing. Not a police officer or anything else related either. They need punishment. Not even the Uvale Texas police, are being punished. Waiting outside on purpose it seems, so the shooting turned, into a massacre. This is Canada though. Trying to get me to jump through hoops, and waist my time, and frustrate me again. So they can arrest me or more likely throw me into the psych-ward again. A huge human rights loophole in real life.

So the man who came to the door looking for Sherie and then asked for weed. Wanted a $5 piece of weed. So he has no money or spends all the money he can on booze an drugs. He was not a teen either. So he's poor or as good as. So that means in real life he is also a opportunist criminal like a opportunist thief. He doesn't even buy 1 quarter at a time of weed. Ever nickel he gets, goes to booze and drugs. Same with all the other people who come around looking for her. So everybody around here has to keep there kids inside and such. With the other poor people like street people, who come around.

She is a good example of how these violent nut jobs do whatever they can get away with to victimize people.

She started again playing loud music again and balling and screaming and banging around at about 9:00AM again. With law enforcement lying and refusing to enforce the noise by-laws. Using a nut job drug dealer and as I said a gang member and her career criminal friends for law enforcement to abuse me and others. Just like the Uvale Texas police used the crazy shooter to take Americans gun rights away and also massacre children. Whatever they decide is important then anything goes. They all need to loose there jobs, and be fired, and stripped, of being a police officer. Or any type of law enforcement officer. They need serious consequences in there lives. They make serious consequences in other peoples lives. It's too one sided.

If I did anything the police would pounce on me. Just like those parents who tried to save there children in Uvale Texas got pounced on by law enforcement. Well except for the law enforcement member who had a child in that school. He was allowed to get and maybe safe his child's life.

She's getting pretty nutty right now screaming "no" and "owe" and banging around. Piss loaded drunk it sounds. 10:07AM. That's what happens. They get worst and worst and get worst and worst in there lives with other people to. More likely to get peoples family members into drugs and criminal activities. Whatever takes hey. So her son she said has been accepted into college. He's just like her as far as I am concerned. Will be selling drugs there. Bad mouthing. So another sess-pit like Yellowknife, in the making. Police involved up to there eyeballs again doing that. That is what is happening. Wait and see.

For example literally people around everywhere in public places and businesses waiting and listening while others ask about problems in your life and your families life so they can start abusing them to drive them crazy and into booze and drugs, and crimes, and into becoming, a career criminal. Sure is great for the criminal justice system. Sacrificing your children, on there alter of power, and dominance. More and more people get involved and it gets worst and worst.

So how long before baby killing and toddler killing, sex offenders come from St. John's NL. We are going tot find out. Probably years I hope. Already a store around her where you need to be buzzed in. Because it was robbed before.
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RNC still refusing to enforce the local noise bylaw again my neighbour. Past midnight now so August 12 2022. 12:28AM. City hall refusing to call back the next day or any other time, once I call 311.

So the same type of stuff is going on here in St. John's NL as happened in Yellowknife. Only just started. The police love gangs, maybe not the gang members,but the gangs themselves as a organization. Career security. They love drug dealers to. More excellent career security. They use to love terrorists to, in among us. Until I explained, what was going on. You could see on the news, people being driven insane, raging angry, as they tried with me, multiple times. Wanting you to kill people. Then the police, would offer, to supply the bomb making material, including detonators. That victim, after being driven into homicidal rage, on purpose, (abused for years even maybe) to claim, you are a terrorist. Technically it's true then. Letter perfect.

What did the courts, and all politicians do about it? Nothing basically. Forced to stop. Forced to stop, pretending, all those people (current and new victims) were terrorists. So when there was a real terrorist attack, that killed, one or more people, it looked like PR wise, that the police were catching lots of terrorist. But they got, almost, no real terrorist caught, or almost no real terrorist attacks prevented. So they use to love terrorist. Now they do not. Since mostly, there anti-terrorist, is just for show, and murder, and mayhem, and a bigger police state around you. A police state paradise. That would have gotten even more out of control, as it will still and has in other ways.

The street people, and more and more around, is just the latest thing being implemented, against us. As always, it involves, more than the criminal justice system. Interesting right? Right outside, lots of other peoples homes, schools, now. The streets. Gangs, drug addicts, junkies, sex offenders. All working together now, this way and that way. Not a care now, who gets destroyed, whose family get destroyed. So they can have it easy. When it comes to it. Well except for there family members and friends. Remember U"vale Texas shooting. That police officer was allowed to go in and rescue his children. All other parents has to wait outside in terror. Are we learning yet who are the slaves and the masters?

Next election is going to be interesting and predictable. He haw, he hay, he hawing. Not much else. Blown all out of proportion. what little gets does by politicans to (fix) this up. That politicians allowed to happen. Wow those do nothing locally elected politicians smell to do and allow stuff to happen in real life. Once elected. Always making things worst for other people basically. Once there little experiments they do everywhere, figures something out new, they can get away with. Well, they will start implementing again. Why not?

All police seem to be the same. Based upon my personal experience and what I see on TV. Are police who waiting outside and let children be killed murderers? what are police (1000s) that get mad, at 2 getting caught, wanting to sexually assault a 8, 9, or 10 year old girl. Are they the same? Or are they worst? What are police that allow people to be driven insane so they can justify all done to them or me? Or into acts if violence? For sure they see us as slaves. No real human beings. Only on TV, and in public, do they pretend. That is changing to. Simply not given honest, truthful answers and hiding being (potential lawsuits) and such. It's not the problem, but the solution now and it's everywhere now basically. 8 to 9 tenths anyways. Elections coming up in the states so. He haw, he hawing, and not must else.

So they know they can get away with crimes now. Not be held accountable as a group anyway. So it's going to get event worst. That right. Worst for the slaves as they see threats and deal with. You. You are the problem. Which is now there solution which the police will also he haw about to and claim this and that as usual. As per normal. Make it worst so you are scared not to have them around, and are even more scared to talk about them. Go ahead and talk about them. Politicians want to pretend. Some. Some don't want to pretend any more, as I have talked and warned about before.

I suggest this election cycle you mark things down. Generalities and import events to you anyway and the press on all sides acts like is import and see what happens and doesn't. Especially where you live and you and your children go. Family, friends to if you can. Once in a while. Try not to dispare. More money might get handed out to people including poor people. Been talked about before. Basic income,people can actually live on. Rent will just go up so those people will get even more ultimately. Food will go up even more. Etc. Work for awhile anyway. One or two election cycles. Then government needs more taxes and inflation. I guess. Always happens before.

It will be poor people that get blamed. The poor have nothing basically. Many grow up surrounded by drug dealers and other professional career criminals who the government as a group loved and protects and placed there. Some recordings soon I guess. Some reminders, before the elections I think.

Well seems like soon. Big multinational corporations, will have nowhere to run to. Who has the money ultimately get the money taken from them in the end to. Just like in the former Soviet Union. Same with big government departments. Less for them. Eventually. Just like int he former Soviet Union. With the corruption and all to and what happens once caught as more and more disasters, start happening, as more and more peoples, who care about power and wealth, and nothing else, get into government, and not just higher up positions, in government to. We are going to find out it seems. Hopefully I am wrong.

Can't wait to see, when cops get shot (firing squads) and such, for incompetence and corruption, and imprisoned and such to. Purges and such to. Just like what is happening in the former Soviet Union right now. At least they are lucky, it's not a hard core religious government.

So the police officer who just called me at around 4:17AM needs to go on the terrorist watch list. Though I had the recorder on but I didn't rushing to answer the phone and turn on the recorder. He knows how to make a real nuclear munition that detonates now. the next time people come outside and are allowed still to harass me and mine. They are going to know how to do that, and eventually, other things to. Takes extreme measure when dealing with extremely corrupt law enforcement, courts.

So police call and right away a s I write this, right at it again, making noise. Banging music or whatever. More people soon are going to be on the terrorist watch list. Probably find out it is a waist of time taking to a lawyer about what's going on and what was done to me in Yellowknife to.

Si ti's 12:24AM and august 20 2022. Called and complained to police about neighbour playing loud music, and banging to the beat again. Police just showed up, and were swearing and it sounded like, being threatening to me. Hard to here exactly. Sounded like "he better shut the f up or we are going to have to arrest him" basically. Then they moved more forward some on the road. Then took off. I just called the RNC 219-8000 number. Complained about police refusing to enforce the noise bylaw still. That RNC dispatcher also needed to go on the terrorist watch list to. Never hung up fast enough. Knows enough though. Where to get nuclear material.

August 21 2022. 8:51PM now. Some of the people from 38 feild street need to go on the terrorist watch list. The person with the red car that has been here several times causing trouble and the passanger with him. License plate number JHS 091. Thinks it funny and such. Happy he's on the terrorist watch list to apparently. Told him to. Happy to be a jahadi.
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Another Uvale Texas video. Wow.

Teacher speaks out. He calls the (cowards). That is the best you can say about them.
Some of the police at the Uvale Texas shooting where pretty old. Apparently decades of experience didn't matter.
So it's august 26 2022. Fryday. Lets get fried today. Various people showing up to my self admitted drug dealing neighbours place to. On foot and in vesicles. Causing trouble for me. Stay for awhile right now and take off. Pretending to be visiting. You can but legal drugs here at liquor stores and well beer at ever store. It's the law here in Newfoundland. So someone has hard drugs I guess.

Even more people showing up there next door. Loud music mauy be a signal that she has drugs to sell. Party is on.
So I have realized at least some of the Muslim men upstairs from me, are gay, I think. With the jihadi things, they do, and well, not chasing after young women, like me and my friends, use to at there age. Heavy drug and alcohol use to going on. Sometimes it sounds like only one is up there now sometimes. Talking to himself and pacing around. Some stress. Doing both tonight. 11:37PM. to me a sign drugs and booze are already that important to him. Maybe 2 guys up there together. Usually drug addicts and junkies do gay stuff eventually, unless they have some other option.

In there culture, they might not realize, they are gay. Young Muslim men, not interesting in girls, and also not interesting, in starting a family. So they can do the jihadi thing then, in there culture. Kind of like, they get sent to the eastern front. Whatever that means, based upon, where they are, and what they can get away with. Most probably don't realize, they are gay, and others do not talk about it to them. Using there, violent, destructive nature against others. Been doing this for a 1000 years. With various crazies, they consider dangerous, to have around. Just get people to praise them, and such, and "unleash the dogs of war" upon the rest of us. So some praise and support them behind closed doors, and others "tolerate" them.

The same thing our government does, to us now. Lets the drug addicts, and junkies, and other career criminals, be around us and ours. Same old, same old. What was old, is new again. Only just started to in 1st world countries. Well it's not going to stop, but get worst, as it always does.

With this stuff still going even after I moved. Good for the police and courts. With many of whom should be going to prison, for the rest of there lives, with what was allowed, and encouraged, to be done to me. Biggest lawsuit in human history. No such thing as justice though. Not for me.

Self admitted drug dealer in 36 Feild street causing trouble again today with her junkies friends.

All kinds of disturbing stuff going on.

Well the people who want to trigger and then unleash them, do whatever, they can get away with to. Like law enforcement.
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So the self admitted drug dealer neighbour at 34 feild street and whomever the guy in there with her at around 11:00am to 1:45am Sept 1 2022. Need to go on the terrorist watch list Given her lots of chances but nuts can be told a 1000 times and it doesn't matter. Still cause trouble. Maybe it was her son, or someone else, in there. The anti-terrorist police should know, anyway.

People got there money and are coming around for there fun and drugs.

8:23PM She's mouthing off right now and pretending she got some right to harass me. For my own good. Just like all the other drug dealers and such like there fellow psychopaths and then act all nice to your face hoping you will buy drugs off them and do this and that for them. Get people to come around causing trouble, etc. Drug addicts and junkies and street thugs. Got them here to.

We will see if they start ODing and such around here and other things.

So another one who went in a house or two down. 30 or 32 Feild street. Making negative comments about me while standing outside to. Sept 1 2022, 9:30ish PM. At least the 2nd time I seen him and had to deal with him.

At least 2 times people have come around pretending they think this is her place (self admitted drug dealer at 34 Feild Street) an they wanted to buy drugs off her. Weed. Covering for her to, among other things. Thieves and street thugs, gang members, and such. Weed is legal in Canada. Many other obvious junkies and street thugs, threatening sexual assault and such, and other forms of violence, or implied violence, like this guy tonight, and the guy earlier today at 34 field street.

Apparently this guy knows a rapist for hire or for free. So I took a video of the guy. Talking like he's a tough guy to. So I say at beginning "All he got to do is ask I'll make sure his fantasizes come through". Basically. So this guy knows someone named Cory I think, whom he can get to rape my sister. Not sure if it's the same guy as from earlier. So either he's the same guy as from earlier or he showed up, a new one. These are the people whom the police love and protect. Apparently this is her friend. He is hardcore.

Sp now she at it again blaring loud music and stomping and various other things. 10:33pm. He needs to be on the terrorist watch list to. Made sure of that. More people showing up. got money for drugs and have there fake (just cause) now.

Apparently they don't think it's a big deal being on the terrorist watch list. What I said to them. Maybe they are right.

Earlier tonight Sherie at 34 Feild Street was complaining about me buying food. That is a problem for her because I am not buying drugs off her. When they want something from you then they are nice. Otherwise they badmouth you. A person like that got involved in drugs. They all learn to do, all kinds of things to people, to get what they want. More drugs. They do not have traditional full-time jobs. This is part of there full-time job. For all of them. More drugs, more fun, more raging. Feeding there mental disorders.

They are all full-time rats and trouble makers, or they would be in prison, and such. So they make the troubles for you, and then, when you are mad enough, or they get you to do something, they rat you out. Or your loved ones.
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Sept 4 2022 4:40AM ish. 2 more people need to go on the terrorist watch list whom are in 38 Feild Street right now. So they were laughing about it;s funny to know where to get the material to make real live nuclear munitions. Nuts. regular people are scared about such things and stop. Experienced that already here with I guess friends or family freaking out at someone who want to join in with the fun. They don't stop because they don't care. Any excuse for booze and drugs and to hurt people. Gay jihadies, with there fake just causes. Made for them.

Went and took the license plate of the one with a car. Second car I recorded and read the plate from I think. They got upset they. Screaming. Know how to make a bio weapons now to. The medical community, was already making bio-weapons years ago and making pamphlets and documentaries about it (super antibiotic resistant bacteria). So make that on purpose. As lots of people were doing, including the medical community, by firing the cleaners to also.

I read a patent about milk. Special thing. A accident. You can also do the reverse. Take those molds or whatever, and force them to evolve. To produce new antibiotics. Which now seems to be done. I sent this and other things to lots of anti-terrorist organization around the world. Force them to be more careful and such.

Years ago now. Want people to know that. Don't want this to be closed knowledge. For moneys sake or whatever.

License plate JCH3O1. 3 people left. Will be back to again. Up there masturbating together, wet smacking noises sometimes. More of them earlier being noisy, screaming. People who pay attention noticed. Was talked about lots at one time. Forced me to care. Still being forced. That the police and courts and such. Medical community to.

Just so you understand this is already common knowledge among criminals, children in Yellowknife, and those they told. Forced to stay alive, not even be more brutalized. For years now. Police let them do that to me. Just like they use to let others be driven nuts and then offer them explosives and detonators and then arrest to. So they can arrest them and look like they cause a terrorist. Who knows how many others like me.

You decide whom to blame. Murders and what they do to people. They asked me dared me to call the police, wanted to pretend, I was going to damage there car. Acting like I am the nut job. They will come back again. Already did. No care at all about being on the terror watch list I guess.

I will say more. Well I already did in Yellowknife. 1000s there know. New people are going to join in with them and the next door drug dealer too, is real social with crazies to. 5:51am someone up there masturbating again.

7:20am guy with Red car just left from upstairs. He has already like the others, been back. More will come around. Nuts. So Yellowknife people already know about the new category of nuclear munitions. Sometimes when you think of something new you are not fully 100% aware of it. In real like there are neutron bombs and in sci-fi anyway, gamma radiation bombs. I will call them Thors hammers. A special type. Yellowknife and the police and such already know, us and Canadian military to. Terrorist too. If they realize. Got to wonder now with the America withdrawing fast from that last middle east country now. Leaving behind billions of dollars of hardware and it's not a big deal. Down played. Probably not because of that. Talked about a long time ago now and I typed it in on my computer only and then deleted it within a minute lets say. Well less. Years before I talked about it out loud. Years before that, I typed it into my computer.

So if the Americans were to find 20 to 30 pounds of weapons grade radioactive material wrapped up in a bow tie. What do you think would happen in real life. Not what movies and TV shows use to show. But in real life? Especially if not on the American continent.

Sept 4 2022. sounds like the drug dealer next store for sure is out there right now mouthing off about me and it sounds like she's with her son to. Outside so that probably means, she has drugs to sell to.

So ask Russia. I think the America government wants the Russians pissed off. Renew NATO contracts and such. 99 year NATO base leases renewed. So huge gigantic contacts and wealth transfers take place. Whatever, maybe. Russians want no part of this maybe? US press was literally laughing about the Russians think they could win, in a nuclear war with NATO until, I explained that. How to win a nuclear war with NATO, the USA basically is NATO. Russia making threats, and fast this time, of nuclear war to. During this second stage of the Ukraine invasion.

I guess, I have produced billions, for the police state, monthly. As long, as they keep me producing. They get even more billions, and they get to blame me, if they must. Probably think, it's funny, in private. Rage in public, if they must. Just cause rage, Maybe I am wrong these days about billions. People with mostly useless skills, except for hurting and manipulating people and have extreme power over people well will do whatever they can for career security. Failing that jobs security. whatever they can do to try to keep there jobs and get pensioned out. File clerks with guns and extreme power over people. Getting more and more out of control, whenever they can, with whomever they can. Raging at someone like and mine to. Professionally trained liars and manipulators and such.

I would like to be able to maybe figure out something anyway dealing with viruses. No chance of that.

Well just realized another thing about them. They have lots of abusing repetitive behaviours, of anyone, they can abuse. Another sign of a serious mental disorder. The gay jihadies, act like women in groups to. When they are having fun and talking with each other. It reminds you of a group of women having fun. How women in a group, act having fun. Lots of fast talking, and laughing, and such. Acting like women. That way to. Not chasing after women either. May be with them but not chasing after them. Lots of group masturbation and alone masturbation to. Being loud about it to. Want you to hear. Just like with convicted pedophiles and such. People I was with who would masturbate in front of people, etc. Almost that bad. Pretty close.

Hour after hour. Day after day. Year after year to. Masturbaion noises and such. Decadent westen music to. Pretend to be able to do music. Lots of gay western lifestyle artists to. Nothing wrong with being gay. Crazy is bad though.

Was pretty close to the police station around here to today. Police vesicle was blaring it sirens at me while it was parked and come home to this. Raging masturbation pretending it's music. Creepy to. They are going to to get even more crazy sounding again. Then as they practice and feed the mental disorders they will get even more crazy in general.

anyone who has been in a serious relationship with someone knows, it changes you. You care about that person and maybe think about having a family with that person. You thing seriously about the future. Etc. I don't think these people care about being in serious relationships so they are kind of stuck at a it's just sex and fun. Just more fun forever for them. Until they get triggered by junkie, jihadi or whatever fun, for them.

So I talked before I think about how gay people are still being abused. some. You have gay men convinced they can give birth even though they have no womb for example. They are so attacked by repetition that they believe what people tell them and they repeat it when driven crazy enough. So with these Gay Muslim Men. They are abused to. If they act like typical gay in Muslim countries they may be killed or in a more progressive Muslin country, locked away. I don't think some understand they are gay because of there culture. But they still are. But are not aware of it. Still no interest in women and having a family with a women. So they have other interests. Other things may take with them. To fill in that void. Sexual confusion and such to. Not all jihadies are like this of course. Drugs to. Seems like drugs always gets pushed in real life or is pushed lots. Then you are still a Muslin when drinking and doing drugs as long as you do Jihad. Regardless they are considered mental disturbed and dangerous in there culture. So they get sent to the eastern front wherever basically. Kind of like child solders, but taught beliefs from birth and they do as taught. Some of these places, have what they call slaves, to this very day, and women have no rights really still. Driven nuts, as they try with me still. Some are already nuts, straight and gay.

A long time ago, the USA announced they would welcome with open arms, anyone who came across the the USA mainland. So the leadership of Cuba sent all there crazies to the US mainland. That got noticed I think. So other countries, some, also sent the people, they considered crazy over to. Especially psychopath types. Gave them a education to. Some. Axe murdered types, pretending not to be murderous. Hip hip hooray.

Lots of people going nuts at me today. 27 feild street people there need to go on the terrorist watch list. Not the first time I had to deal with them. when you have some understanding about them. You realize all they do is destroy. Including themselves. Still will not stop. Crazy is crazy. You can do super scary stuff to ordinary people. They still. Will not stop, and other crazies, will show up to join in. They know they get to rage against me. Because, I am not the machine. So they get enraged to or more enraged.
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Don't forget George. Liar Liar pants on fire. Note for myself.
Sept 5 2022 1:32 PM. So a pretty dressed Muslim just walked by the open door here and made a bomb threat. He said "bomb here" as he walked by. A minute or two ago. That type of thing was use din Yellowknife to. Use to call the school ever whomever and make bomb threats. Here in St. John;s now.

The East Indian a delivery driver from intercom doing amazon delivery made a negative comment about my weight again. This was him to last time. (here's you's delivery) or similar. Well maybe it was another foreign devil before, as they use to call us in our own country.

I tried for years doing all kinds of things to stop being severely harassed and such. Trusted the government, and got sent to the psychward. Driven suicidal several times. The government let people try to groom me to a terrorist and more than once in different ways. To be a devil worshipper, to believe I was the devil himself and alto to believe I was the anti-christ. Making my mind more and more malleable. Have me walking around completely unaware of my environment. Waking up standing in the middle of the street. Police with traffic blocked. Nothing at all not even awareness then standing in the middle of the street. Talking about how to make actual nuclear munitions, that can have a nuclear explosion, is what it takes. Because people know where to the the nuclear grade materials. That is what it takes as crazy as it sounds. Other even more crazy come around. At least I can sleep though. That is what it takes. You never want to find out about the horror of what gets done to me.

So they were trying to groom me to be a terrorist and multiple times. This person whom I have seen several times, always alone except for once I think, and also I think, come out from 38 Feild street once. Well is a loner, someone picked and then forced to become isolated. Lets say he kills me and a few others. The press will just have you believe he is just another religious lunatic like I am supposed to be. You will never here the press say he was groomed in country and maybe for years. I can say lots but oh well. He dresses normal and such but walks strange, acts strange. So I can not help but notice him. the point. Repletion, isolation, to groom even more. Manchurian candidate stuff again, a variation.

So afterwards, more perverts shows up, wanting to join in one the fun. They show up. I am someone who should be dead more than once and driven insane more than once.

The 2 gang members in 57 Feild street need to go on the terrorist watch list.

People get tunnel vision, well tunnel thinking. Drugs and terrorist go hand in hand. Just like the USA government, like the president use to say on international TV. Gangs are all about drugs. Already have murderous thinking, murderous attitude, murderous dealings. Gangs make great terrorists and terrorist trainers by driving people like me crazy. Police locally, always are involved up to there eye-balls. All local police nor mater what level of the government they are. Not one police person will do anything unless forced to. They know me and what I say.

Busy right now.
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7:27PM Sept 5 2022. A minute or 2 ago. 2 guys with pretty hair walked by and said it sounded like "get violent with this guy". They already are. They mean more violent.
So because they can get away with it. The gay jihadi terrorists upstairs, are not scared, but raging mad, playing there raging music. Pacing around to, some, like a crazy person. Like children banging on something. Emotionally stunted growth and all that. emotions based think instead of logical based thinking. what use to be said in the past how women think. You know taking care of children and all that. Well it's true.

More decadent style western music.

Just violent raging pervert who got into drugs and partying and must still prove themselves to be real Muslims. Without getting into real trouble of course. No one may have said anything to them. Even though they know what they did, encourage, do lots of repetitive behaviours of. Nuts, perverts. Having there version of fun, which is really rage.

Probably have to act like they likes some women today. Maybe had to kiss one.

They believe this type of thing makes them a man. Strange. Perverts. Still want there booze and drugs, partying still. Want it to be a party. Singing with a girls voice up there now. Obviously a physical male. Said out loud again he should put his high heels back on. Maybe you will feel better. There is actually nothing wrong with being gay. Crazy is bad though.

Back too the raging masturbation music again.

You would walk away from them, if given a choice, in listening to them, sing or play. Maybe they lost a source of there booze drugs today. There harassment, threats they get people to do, sexual stuff like rage masturbation noises, is how they (get off) feel powerful, etc. Feel like real men. Gay perverts in this case.
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