Deadly Laser

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    I heard about that "toy" a while back .. its a cool idea that I think will come under government control because of its destructive capabilities. I think I will buy one before I can't buy one! :cool:

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    You could always build one yourself. These were actually created using the same laser used in bluray players.
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    Deadly Laser?

    You're more likely to blind yourself than hold it on a target long enough to cause any damage. This is a 1 watt laser. You're doing more damage with a PUNCH. My _wife_ is doing more damage with a punch.

    Worse, portable laser is not even a technology worth pursuing as weaponry. Even if we DID somehow get power supplies down to a size to have a 1 MEGA-watt laser (when it starts being effective.. kind of) there's another flaw. The way lasers work there'd be more danger to the operator from the localized heat burning away all your oxygen (among other things) than any danger to targets.

    The range would be horrifyingly short as well.

    And man.. a light saber? If it was at all effective you'd have to be wearing some amazing heat shielding in order to be able to hold it. For the power to effectiveness ratio, we'll _always_ be using projectile weapons compared to lasers. Sorry, fellow sci-fi fans....

    We may see some sonic/vibrational edged dagger type weapons, though.
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    Before the American civil war, repeating rifles and automatic weapons were science fiction. We may not want to so quickly write off something new over the traditional. :dunno:
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    The leap from single shot front loaders to cartridge based repeaters is minuscule compared to the leap between laser pointers and personal weaponry. They knew it was feasible and within the realms of possibility, it just took time to perfect.

    Technological advancements aren't going to change the laws of physics. Laser light will never be feasible as a personal weapon because of the simple laws of energy transfer and, on a core level how light works. The only way to make "laser" feasible as a ranged weapon would be to hold it inside of a container of some sort. At this point you're back to bullets again anyway and could get far greater heat output with far less energy with solid combustibles.

    I almost can't blame you for thinking it compares. At some point.. probably even before I was born (1977) Sci-fi stopped meaning "speculative fiction grounded in hard science" and started meaning "magic labeled as technology", and people unfortunately didn't catch on to the fact that it becomes "Fantasy" at that point.

    My point is people still seem to think the old definition of sci-fi applies when it does not. There's a reason Dick and a few other holdouts of the old style stopped writing about "laser" weapons. We learned enough around 1960 about science to learn it's not going to happen except as a specifically ranged focus cutting tool. I enjoy fantasy as much as the next guy... love me some Star Wars... but I don't fool myself into thinking it's science fiction, no matter what Hollywood labels it.

    Plasma throwers? Likely! Arc weaponry? Already possible, just no decent power cell technology yet. Microwave projecting weapons? Same deal, we just need better power supplies. Sonic ranged weapons? Doubtful but possible, with a focusing mechanism. Lasers? That isn't how reality works.

    Laser DO have uses though... as targeting, radar-replacement, and even cutting. It does not have any real use as target interception. There was a recent demo where a giant laser was used to intercept a mortar shell. This required 20 kilowatts of power PER SQUARE INCH over a period of 3 seconds. An interceptor missile system would be more reliably effective (can't be stopped by things like rain and smoke... of which there's no shortage on any battlefield) and have less than 1% of the energy cost. the aforementioned microwave system? Also more efficient as it does not rely on visual spectra to be effective.

    Point is, the usage of lasers would always be incredibly situational and purposes better served for less energy output by many hundreds of other technologies. Lasers are an effective visual phenomenon, not a weapon phenomenon.

    And even if we did live in a universe where super power packs made it seem like 10 megawatts was the same as a gallon of gas? We STILL wouldn;t use it that way, because there's far more efficient uses of that power.
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    Before buying a burning laser, I would check to see if (in this case) the diode is a true 1w diode. I've found that some manufacturers put a lesser watt diode in and then overdrive it, which of course drastically shortens the life span of the diode.
    Just something to check before buying.
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    Laser? Most people can't shoot a gun under stress...

    Cops want about 30% accuracy under duress. A laser? Use a 45 and something will hit.....