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  1. MaryV

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    can anyone tell me about Datrex MREs?
    I see them selling in Canada, it says Datrex 3600 calorie food bar, case of 20 is 143.10 CDN dollars, so around a hundred american.
    there is no description given for them, what are they made of, what do they taste like? how many do you eat in a day?
  2. Expeditioner

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    Datrex , Inc is the manufacturer of the survival food. They started as a supllier of marine safety products. The rations come in 2400 and 3600 calorie versions. I think a standard case of the 3600 cal holds 20 packs. 18 bars in a pack.

    The product is USCG approved. They look and eat like a cookie. They taste like a cross between coconut and vanilla. IMHO, the ration is a good grab and go food supply.

    Here is the link to Datrex web site: http://www.datrex.com
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  3. NoShame

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    Sounds kind of tasty to me.....
  4. Canadian

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    I like coconut. But not all the time.
  5. Expeditioner

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    Eating the same thing day in and day out can get kind of dull....but hey they weren't really meant for for long term survival situations.