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Well Burt,
I have to assume from the lack of replies to your question that homesteading makes you too busy to keep track of how much time it takes.
I am just dabbling in homesteading. I only have a large vegetable garden some blueberry shrubs two young fruit trees and chickens.
My biggest problem getting things done is because of location and set-up. My garden and coop are down hill away from the house. My gardening supplies are kept in the garage which is under the house and my water comes from the faucet attached to the house, (three hoses to reach the garden.)
That's a lot of walking back and forth.
When I can get better organized I will save a lot of time and energy and will be ready to for the next adventure- goats!
Sorry, I couldn't even begin to tell you how much time I spend because I combine reasons for my trips out there.. multi tasking.
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