Cyber attacks good or bad?

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    WASHINGTON (AP) - President Barack Obama has signed executive orders that lay out how far military commanders around the globe can go in using cyberattacks and other computer-based operations against enemies and as part of routine espionage in other countries.

    My Way News - Pentagon gets cyberwar guidelines

    I thought the boss said cyber attacks were considered terrorism? Oh wait, HE DID SAY THAT!

    US Pentagon to treat cyber-attacks as 'acts of war' - CNN iReport

    The US would "respond to hostile acts in cyberspace as we would to any other threat to our country", stated the White House in plain terms.
    "We reserve the right to use all necessary means - diplomatic, informational, military, and economic - as appropriate and consistent with applicable international law, in order to defend our nation, our allies, our partners and our interests."
    The Wall Street Journal quoted a military official as saying: "If you shut down our power grid, maybe we will put a missile down one of your smokestacks."

    I could only find this one in my short lunch break search time, I know there are others quoting the Obama. I guess it is different if we are doing it to someone else.
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    Just some more Obama double talk.