current melt values of US coins

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    Based on those years listed on the Canadian-coin listing, I am very rich!!!

  2. SurviveNthrive

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    I guess it's a good practice to collect pre 1982 US pennies, but they're getting scarce. Nickels are getting to be worth saving.

    Some how I can't imagine a Canadian Penny Jar. It's just plain wrong. Maybe they keep pennies in a salted cod box, or a former cheese box, or something.

    It's just awkward.

    I know the economy must be bad, I betcha there's a whole lot of folks down here who have cashed out their penny jars.
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  3. Tirediron

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    The standard Canadian "penny" jar is a 2 GALLON Canadian Club "texas micky"
    Bottle. Or at least here in the west anyway:cool:
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    wee save our coins. years ago, I got hubby a coin machine that rolls them and sorts them. we just keep jars all over then use the machine and tuck the coins away. some day they will be useful.