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creating "income streams"

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What are some good modern ways to create income streams (that gradually grow) with minimal investments these days?
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Creating income streams is a nice way of having a little extra money coming in. The popularity of Ebay is growing simply because people are trying to make some money by selling off their extras. I've met quite a few people who are die hard yard sale shoppers just so they can sell on Ebay.

I have a neighbor who cleans houses. She does 3 a week and makes a nice little cash flow for herself. She averages 15 dollars an hour for her time.

Another lady sells home baked goods at the local store. She is on a small fixed income and the money she makes help pay her bills.

Growing produce and fruit is also great when they are in season. If you have a greenhouse, you get several months of extra growing time.

When times are tight and money is scarce many people choose to barter. We actually do a lot of that in the little community I live in. We each have skills and talents that others find useful. For example, One of my neighbors has a child who wanted a guitar. He had an extra pressure canner. I traded a nice youth guitar (I didn't need) for a pressure canner (I really needed). We both got what we wanted.
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