Cost for four gas masks and extra filters

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    I am hoping someone can help me with an idea of what it would cost to buy four gas masks and a minimum of extra filters for them? I have read and heard stories that some places sell only filters that are expired or do not fit certain masks unless they have an adapter. I am really trying to figure out what I would be looking at for a cost. What kind of masks does anyone on this site trust? I guess I should also think of four good hazmat suits as well? I just hate getting into the big ticket items. It depletes resources so fast.

    I have been working my tail off storing food (dry storage and canned), batteries, lamp oil, wicks, propane, canldes, water purification items, ammo, first aid items, etc, etc. I just keep having the feeling that I just don't have enough and I am having a hard time making myself make a jump to items that would take a lot of finances to buy. Anyway, any help would once again be appreciated.

    Also....the Wal Marts in my liberal minded, coddle me from the cradle to the grave state of Massachusetts do not even sell freakin lamp oil.
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    :google: But anyways I know how you feel about Wal mart. Mine stopped selling model rocket engines (they had rockets but no engines) I guess they could be made into a detonator for a bomb then they took out all hunting rifles. But they finnally got their head on strait they brought the rifles back. Edit: Link
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    The site provided by lexsurivor is very reputable.

    Another where you'll find good deals is
    Here's a link to their masks.
    Gas Masks for sale : Surplus Israeli, Russian, Czech and more :

    If you're considering the M10 model on the page I provided, closely look at the filter installation steps. It can be a PITA. The Israeli M15 may be a better selection.

    You mentioned extra filters. A question you need to ask yourself is how long do you believe you'll be exposed? Many filters are only good for about 30 minutes. If you're going to be in an exposed area for extended periods, there's some logistical things to consider.
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    An expired filter (within a few years) is just fine for tear gas or fallout. Inspect the filter. If the element is not falling apart, flaking or crumbling, then it is fine. In the Army we extended all our combat filters for training and CS use, in the field would wear them 6-8 hours at a time with no problem.

    If the filters are for chemical or bio use, I just can't even go there. I think it is a dis-service to think you can survive with a mask when a single pinhead drop of chem agent on your skin can kill you. I could debate that one all day long, but I respect those willing to try and am happy to present my reasoning or alternatives, but I am not up for a full scale debate on it, I spent too many years training for that to argue endlessly on those virtues.

    I do not mean to drag on, happy to answer any questions.

    here's a test: buy one mask, and put it on your youngest. Time how long before they break the seal. Don't do it for anything but fun. In the time they can wear the mask, that tells you how long you have to pre-emptively don a mask, evacuate an area and go thru a staffed full decon and shower area with a complete change of clothes. Then burn or decontaminate your old clothes, possessions and vehicle. A stong hot water bleach solution is the simplest sloution, but again, one chem drop on the skin can kill you.

    Volumes can be written on this subject lacking any specific questions.
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    Some good info on checking out masks, clear and seal, maintenance, etc.

    Gas masks
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    I just read on my Yahoo home page news that there are some new super strain viruses that are already moving to Europe from Asia. Maybe I should first invest in some surgical masks as well?