Cooking methods when the power is out- a revisit

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    I am incredibly redundant when it comes to cooking and stoves. I have the coleman white gas 3 burner, colemane propane two burner, the volcano grill (get one if you dont have one), and I picked up some really nice RV stoves.

    I just wanted to make a point about the RV stove/oven combos. I wanted a method to bake. I dont have a solar oven yet so the RV stove/oven combo is my go to option for this. I can pick the oven/stove combo and carry it in my truck for tailgating, camping, or buging out. I hook it up to a 20lb tank and I am good to go. You can make a wind screen pretty easy. I looked the coleman stove oven combo. While it will do the job, for the $ a RV stove/oven seems to be the better choice for me.

    I picked up a new unused magic chef stove/oven for $100. I also got a large Nordic RV fridge at the same place for $100. Look around craigslist.

    Another comment on the Volcano. I found one at a yard sale for $10. I can grill 10 or more large burgers (4 at a time) on about 15 briquettes or less. I can also set my dutch oven on the grill and cook like mad on just a few briquettes. I have the old model and have used it for years. Worth looking at if you want to maximize cooking with as little fuel as possible. Wood can be used on the volcano giving it some versatility as well.
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    I too have multiple-redundancy in cooking methods.
    Tiny single-burner cartridge stove for MC camping, larger one-pound cartridge single and two burner stoves, Coleman Dual-fuel stove, Propane and Charcoal cookers - even the wee folding Esbit and Sterno stoves. None requiring E-power. Plenty fuel for all.
    And then there is always cooking over a simple campfire in the backyard if needed. ;)

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    Don't forget the Coleman folding Camp Oven:

    Here it is, on my woodstove. We've also used it on our camp stove, on the barbeque grill, and over a campfire (with a piece of sheetmetal under it to protect against soot.)

    (I took the pictures out. They were HUGE! I'll try something else)

    And there's biscuits baking in it. It won't get up to 400 degrees on top of the woodstove without melting us out of the house, but most things cook well at lower temperatures (mine is usually around 300 on the woodstove). It just takes longer.

    You can order a second rack from Coleman for about $4 and double your baking space.

    Okay, here's just a picture of the oven:
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    Absolute worst case scenario and you can't get a heat source, can't build a fire for some reason get some dehydrated food and just add water. You will at least eat and live.
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    I think I read about it on here somewhere, but after searching up the term Dakota oven it really made sense! And after reading about it it reminded me of a line from Dancing with wolves-- only a white man would make a fire where everyone could see it.
    It is just basically a large hole that is dug and the inside bottom is a bit rounder than the hole on top and there is an air hole dug down to the bottom(separate hole) from the side where the wind is coming from- the fire is lit on the bottom air feeds it thru the hole and you cook over the main hole. There are tons of good sites that have pictures and everything.
    And from the information given the fire gets quite hot so that it doesn't smoke as much as a fire on the ground would.
    Now me, I am trying to think of a spot in the house that I can persuade the hubby into letting me build a rocket mass heater in the house! But that might take some doing! And our old floors might not be up to the weight. But the old kitchen that I have is sitting on a huge slab of cement- I would take out all the old cupboards and such and put it in there! And make my kitchen somewhere else.. Then I could cook on the barrel part if needed...