Convenience store shelves empty in Japan

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  1. IrritatedWithUS

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    There is a local guy doing live feeds via a webcam of some sort on his computer stuck in a small apartment that has collapsed for the local news here. He hasn't eaten anything but a dry Cup of Noodles and 1/4th a can of tomato sauce in 2 days.

  2. goshengirl

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    Yeah, my 16 year old stopped making fun of me. All those meat and fruit and rice and pasta stores (in our basement) are looking pretty good in comparison to eating ramen noodle soup every meal - or worse, nothing at all...
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    Them folks over there gonna be a hurtin unit in a few more days. There runnin outa fuel an in them area's a devisttion, supplies gonna start runnin out. Stuff is gonna have ta come from further inland an from outside sources.

    We prepare, but that double whamy they got woulda took the wind outa the sales a most anybody, ya can prepare fer the earthquake, but I got no idear at all bout preparin fer a tsunami! You'd almost have ta be home, have everthin in a trailer er motorized vehicle an be ready ta leave at the drop a the hat.

    Least ways round here, when we have a flood, we can perty much get ready cause we have a few hours a "ut oh" time. That was, shake like crazy an a bit later splash.
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    Watching the tsunami roll across the land, it looked like the plan would need to have been the nearest earthquake proof buiding of at least four stories, preferably a parkade so exterior access is possible . Apparently they had about 6 minutes after the quake.
  5. Jason

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    That's inconcievable. Six minutes is barely enough time to get up to higher ground yourself. Imagine the scene at hospitals, day cares, old folks homes... what an awful situation. Even if you had a trailer ready to go and gas in the truck, chances are you'd have to hook up and by then the roads would be too congested to allow passage so you'd just basically watch your preps float away.
  6. GXLancer

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    I think the lesson here is dont live on an island.....period
  7. Woody

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    Or at least if you live close to the ocean, have high ground available nearby. In my research for the NC coast, 15’ above high tide was the magic number to avoid flooding from storms.
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    The DH and I were talking about this last night. He is better with numbers than I am and I don't recall all the nitty-gritty of it but even if you were to light out the SECOND the sirens blew AND you had a straight shot inland on open road you would have 15 minutes, 20 at the most before the tsunami overtook you and your car going 80 mph ...

    The saying "if you run you will only die tired" came to mind.

    I gotta say ... what the Japanese are going through right now I would not wish off on my worst enemy. Bless their hearts ...