Constitution Day Festival

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    Festival in upstate South Carolina , Sat Set 17, from 5 to 8 pm .
    At Charter Ampitheater , Heritage Park. 861 SE Main Street Simpsonville S.C.
    Hosted by Americans for Prosperity. Food, Entertainment, education, an much more to be announced... can contact Debbie Spaugh at [email protected] -- 864-918-9526

    My son & family are part of the Spartanburg Tea party an my granddaughter, age 14 will be singing a song she wrote about her gr. grandmother who married an her husband soon went off to war. GD has wrote many songs an most will bring tears to your eyes for she loves to sing about our great county,, AMERICA

    Wish I could say I will see you there but we just can't travel more that about a couple hours drive any were. We would never make a 12 hour drive. but she sang the song for us when they were home in July..
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    This sounds awesome

  3. OldCootHillbilly

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    Sounds like gonna be good, bit far fer us ta drive though. Hope they have a good turn out.

    Good when youngins take a interest in there country an history.
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    Amen to that Old coothillbilly, our son had realy been blessed for he has been able to take all his kids ( 4 of them ) at some time or anouther to Washington an see the state capital , monument , white house etc.. places I have never seen .. but sure does make an grandma proud to see the kids at the tea party rallies in Wash. They home school too so they know what goes into there heads.