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concertina wire

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anyone know where or if you can buy it online. It seems this stuff folded up is relatively easy to store and would make an awesome fence around your property in a SHTF situation. Also from what I was told it can stop a car
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It isn't much of a barrier.
Really only useful for turning a running man into a stationary target.
If you feel obliged to use it, it works best if allowed to become overgrown with vegetation

Right. If it is a SHTF situation, it is useless unless it's affixed to the top of a fence or something. I can leap and clear a three spool wide, two spool high concertina barrier with gear and rifle at a full run. I'm sure possibly more if I'm desperate enough. That would be a lot of spools to secure a parimeter.

Now, say you have an eight foot-high fence with the wire on top, I'd be hesitant to try. It's also good to have at the base on the interior for the intruder's "safe" landing after scaling the fence.
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