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    So I have been looking for something like this for a long time.
    I regularly enjoy the Mountain House freeze dried food for the taste...but this will be even better for your body. I will get the freeze dried pouches of Mountain House and this Isagenix stuff for survival rations.

    I intend to use this in our survival rations that we are stocking up for the coming long haul.

    This is a really easy way to carry all the nutrition you need in a compact form.

    From what I have seen this nutrition gives you everything you need to naturally cleanse, lose weight, build muscle tone, and gain energy! Lots of it.

    I have witnessed my own parents go from lethargic to productive and energetic. Quite an amazing task. It is great for camping and hiking.
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    How many layers of links do we have to go thru to find out what the miracal product you are promoting/selling is ,if you are sharing info share it :scratch

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    Show us your goods!

    Yeah Look, I totally agree.

    I clicked on the link and then to the next one and you are required to fill out an application to just receive information about it?

    If you genuinely have something to share, please do so.

    It does seem like a sly selling strategy. If you had a great product to sell and it worked, it would be better to just be upfront and provide all info and details within the post.
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    After going through a couple pages, I just opted to do a google search for "isagenix".

    It popped up a list of sales sites but the first "Related Search" google presented me was for "Isagenix Scam". I read a few comments and it seems like a mixed bag on the comments. As best I can figure, it's a Pyramid Scheme. Watchman, can you elaborate?
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    Hi guys...sorry for the link labyrinth.

    Isagenix is not a scam...however it does appear expensive.

    Bottom line. I am using this for part of my survival food...especially for back packing. It's condensed powder...which is loaded with nutrients and everything your body needs to function and digest properly.

    It gives you energy, builds muscle, and sheds weight and inches of fat.

    The general idea is
    1. Cleanse's a cellular cleanse. Every cell in your body.
    2. Fill the same cells with all the nutrition they need using the powder mix. All you need is water.

    It's healthy, compact, and long lasting. They offer pouches as well instead of canisters...if pack space is an issue. (And it always is)

    I am all for Mountain House and I am looking into adding that in bulk (pouches and cans) but that stuff is very high in sodium and could be rough on some people over the long run.

    yes I am selling the product. But I am also selling the opportunity to sell the product. That allows people to get their product paid for.

    I really appreciate you all not throwing me out on my ear. Because of the link labyrinth....this really is a good product and it really is not a scam.

    Cheers and Happy Packing.
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    this REALLY belongs in the vendors' showcase section of the forum IMHO