come JAN1st........?

Discussion in 'Health & Medicine' started by Concerned_ Citizen, Dec 26, 2010.

  1. Concerned_ Citizen

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    So, i have heard very little about the new health care laws come the first of the year......can someone direct or inform me of the facts???? I mean, this is pretty big isnt it? surprised there hasnt been much talk about it since no-one really wants it.
  2. *Andi

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    Fact one - I will no longer be able to get health insurance from the company that my hubby works for and for the first time, I have to go private. :gaah:

    So for the past month, I have been shopping :gaah::gaah::gaah: for new coverage for my son and myself. (no fun! :mad:)

    So ... I think we have found a plan and the check has been sent in ... all we have to do now is wait for the paper work ... in a holiday season ... with only 5 days left in the year.

    Fact two - I was told that if I must go to the doctor ;) go in as a 'check-up' as they are now FREE.:gaah: (when will people understand ... nothing is FREE!)

    Sorry to rant ... but the new health care laws ... just tick me off to no end!

    Sorry, I can't answer your questions about the facts of the law, that are on the way. I'm still working on getting over the first part of the law that has hit me.

  3. The_Blob

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    of course we don't have the facts:

    first, we had to "pass the law to see what was in it" & NOW we have to "implement the changes to show how they (don't? ;) ) work... :cry:
  4. *Andi

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    This is so TRUE!
  5. Clarice

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    I heard on the news one of our electedofficials said American public will be notified as they need to know. 10 to 1 they don't even know what all is in there. As you will read in my new post under medical, you will need a prescription to get OTC meds as of 1/01/11. That's next week folks.
  6. *Andi

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    Effective 2011 - many new taxes will be put in place to help fund the new healthcare law ...

  7. *Andi

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    From wiki ..

    Effective by January 1, 2011Insurers will be required to spend 85% of large-group and 80% of small-group and individual plan premiums (with certain adjustments) on health care or to improve health-care quality, or return the difference to the customer as a rebate.[71]
    The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services is responsible for developing the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation and overseeing the testing of innovative payment and delivery models.[72]
    Flexible spending accounts, healthcare reimbursement arrangements and health savings accounts cannot be used to pay for over the counter drugs, purchased without a prescription, except for insulin