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I love knives! I don't consider myself to be a collector, but I have a bunch, and to my wife's chagrin I continue to buy them on a seemingly regular basis.

Some months ago I placed an order with a discount seller on the internet for an item and had them also ship to me on of Cold Steel's little Finn Bear sheath knives. I mean, it was only $12.99, so I wouldn't be out that much if it turned out to be junk. Frankly, I didn't really expect much, anyway.

The Finn Bear is styled after the Scandinavian "puuko". I really like Scandinavian sheath knives for their simplicity, usefulness, overall quality, and I love that scandi-grind, making them easy to sharpen.

The Finn Bear comes in a nylon sheath. It has a 4" stainless blade... not too big, not too small... allowing it to easily complete most "bush" chores. It also has a uniquely contoured handle - almost triangular - that at first might seem odd, but really provides a secure, comfortable grip. It is made in Taiwan, btw, but under CS's direction.

This little jewel has become my favorite knife! I could grab a custom knife or high-end production knife off my shelf anytime, but find myself grabbing that Finn Bear most often. Its a great "beater" knife. Its cheap enough to buy several and put one in each of you BOBs or in the truck... wherever.

I have no connection with CS in any way. I think this Finn Bear is only the second CS knife I've ever owned, my early model Master Hunter being the first. Anyhow, its worth taking a look, and that price won't break the budget.
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