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    I'm in a moderate climate. My raised beds serve dual purpose. At the end of the growing season, (Now), I redo my beds with greens that go all Winter here. Turnip, spinach, kale... and stretch clear plastic over the frames. Works well but other than freezing, I haven't found a way to longer term store greens. Any ideas out there?::confused:
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    Well, you can can them or dehydrate them.

    I have turnips, collards, and kale planted in parts of my garden that were bare 4 weeks ago. If nothing else, it should enrich the soil some when I till the remains under come February or so.

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    Here's my solution! I have a small heater w/fan and T-stat. 750 / 1500 watts.
    Green house was $50 on Craigs list. I always wanted a green house. I have planted kale, lettuces, beets, turnips, parsnips and have the herbs and strawberries in there too. I am putting plastic on the leanto to mak a small cold frame. This year I harvested over 350 pounds of veggies from that 4'X8" raised bed. :beercheer:

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    I am thinking. Unfortunately my birds are in the green house which negated its uses for veggies. I am thinking about an leanto adjacent to the garage.