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    have two fireplaces at the house, not suitable for woodburning but fine for gas logs. we have a gas log upstairs everything is fine there. downstairs however i dont have anything setup at the moment and cold air is just pouring into the basement from it. there is nothing in there that i can close it off with like there is on the upstairs fireplace. for now i just have cut a cardboard box to fit the front and placed there taped it off, it isnt that great. what else could i do? alot of the mortar inside is broken away... ideally i could get some kind of metal insert (like a box) and put in there seal it off and make it usable for a gas log later.
    also how hard would it be to run gas lines to it, its just like 8 ft from where the line comes in and there are several places to "T" from.
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    I would wedge some styrofoam board into the opening, maybe even use some of the expansion foam for the edges, this way you can remove when you want to work on it.

    My mother-in-law is using a gas insert and it works great

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    How old is the chimney Solace?????