Civil War two, by Thomas Chittum

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    I'm about half way thru this book, he wrote it in 96 and his premise is pretty damn close to what's going on today... with no PC BS, he really calls a spade a spade, and while a part of me rebels at the idea I think he's very close to right.

    Think in terms of America divided by a civil /race war into at least 3 nations..

    I'd say everybody should read it because he was talking about this 14 years ago and with the stuff on out borders and in the citys I think he's right.

    Makes me think that cold or not maybe MT is a better place for me...
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    I've been busy reading Foxfire 1, I'll take a look at this one next.

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    those are good books Sail, I had them all at one time, but people borrowed them and I only have the first 4 left...

    There is some really interesting things in them... how our grt grt grand pappy's did stuff is amazing...