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  1. gypsysue

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    So, if this is an attack on their identity, does that mean they don't consider themselves American citizens even though they live on our soil?

    Wonder what hand-outs and services they TAKE from the American government.

    This could set a nasty precedent. Who's next? The Mexican community not having to have required paperwork, etc.? Or maybe a religious or social minority?

    Iroquois: US to allow lacrosse team to travel - Yahoo! News
  2. OldCootHillbilly

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    Well I ain't no expert on indian affairs, but I imagine they figure they were here before the white man so shouldn't have to have the passports.

    On the other hand, seems kind of silly to miss somethin like that for bein that hard headed. Sorta boils down to livin in a modern world. Sometimes would be nice to go back a few decades when life seemed less hectic.:surrender:

    Coures, just be my opinion.:D

  3. gypsysue

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    What part of "we conquered them" don't people get? They COULD have gotten together and conquered us, or kept us out. And who knows, maybe they'll rise up yet and "conquer" us!

    It's happened over and over all over the world for centuries.

    I see on the news tonight that England won't let them in without US passports anyway.

    But the precedent is there.

    Civil War II gets closer...
  4. Aemilia

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    I think its a stupid fight. Given terrorism and all countries needing to be secure, they could just get the stupid passport. It's best to choose your battles, just like the saying "Is this the hill you want to die on?"

    To each their own. I guess if this is a big deal to them, they should fight. Life is full of choices.
  5. mosquitomountainman

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    It's just another example of the Democraps handing out special rights to selected groups to garner more votes for themselves.
  6. gypsysue

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    The "Native Americans" aren't any more native than those of us born here, they just migrated here before we did. Plenty of "modern day" migrants have had their land taken from them against their will ("Eminent Domain". Gotta have those Shopping Malls and Costco stores, and new highways and subdivisions). Yeah, I know, it's not the same. Or is it?

    And we STILL have a flow of migrants (legal or otherwise).

    Throughout the history of the world countries have conquered other countries and I don't recall hearing of Reservations or sovern nations within the conquered nations.

    People say what the white people did to the Indians was wrong, but what about the millions of Mexicans flowing into our country? Why is everyone else "Okay" in what they do, except for the white people? We're expected to work so we can "help" them and fix all their problems, yet all they do is criticize and complain it isn't enough, or they gripe that a white person looked at them wrong, all the while spitting on us.

    And all these retarded do-good liberals keep pandering to them.

    I'm getting mighty tired of it.
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