Christians To Survive The Greatest Tribulation

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    Considering that the the bible says that Christians will have to live through the Greatest Tribulation ever known to man...I thought it very germane to the subject of survival.

    The argument about Rapture is big and lots of areas and definitions must be covered so I guess you can start where you feel most comfortable. From the following links.

    Would be interested in what people think...please don't answer hastily as there is much to consider.

    I happen to agree with the Pre-Wrath interpretation and it has answered all the hard questions. But it takes time to understand.

    This is link to a list of articles that deals with the question.

    LINK TO 10 Articles on the subject. Rapture questions answered by Pre-Wrath position.
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    I think it important to clarify that:

    The Great Tribulation refers to the time AFTER the mid-point (3.5 Years) of the 7 Year Covenant. (When AntiChrist Reveals himself.)
    And BEFORE the end of the second 3.5 years, when rapture cuts short the Great Tribulation.

    Daniel's 70th week = the entire last 7 years covenant initiated by the antichrist and broken by the antichrist - in other words the 7 Years DOES NOT EQUAL THE TRIBULATION...this is a misnomer propagated by "pre-trib" teachings.

    Here is how I see it.

    1. 7 Year Covenant is signed by Antichrist to bring peace to Israel and the Middle East.

    2. The antichrist breaks the covenant at mid point. 3.5 years. (Abomination of Desolation)

    3. The 2 prophets show up to give grief to antichrist during his reign...for 1260 days.

    4. The Great Tribulation Starts as is indicated by scripture right after antichrist stands in the temple proclaiming himself to be God. The Jews run for the hills of Judea. They are protected for 1260 days.

    5. The sign of the Son of Man and the the Son of Man himself (Jesus) appears in and on the clouds of heaven, the sun goes black, etc...

    6. Jesus sends out his angels to gather his elect from the four corners of the earth. (This is the rapture by the way) Saving them from God's Wrath.

    7. The early wrath of God begins with the trumpets. (Before the seven years is finished.) The saints are in heaven.

    8. The end of the 7 years comes and the prophets are killed and then raised up 3 days later.

    9. The Jews come back out of hiding after 1260 days.

    10. The final wrath of God comes down. The 7 last plagues from the bowls. (from 1260 days to 1290 days as the last chapter of Daniel indicates)

    11. Jesus comes down to finish off evil unbelievers with the saints riding behind him.

    12. At 1291 days the Restoration takes 45 days...that is why Daniel says blessed is he that makes it to the 1335 days. (Last Chapter of Daniel...READ IT)

    13. 1290 days to 1335 days Jesus separates the sheep from the goats and sets up his kingdom on earth to rule the nations with a rod of iron.

    14. Day 1336? The millenium begins.

    This is how I understand it so far. I am open to changes if they work with scripture.


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    That pretty well sums it up as I read it also
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    Thanks Flatwater! I am glad we see eye to eye.
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    Gee ... I was hoping for a pre-trib rapture. Just sounds like a better deal to me.
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    Yes. Pre-7 year (Daniel's 70th Week) would be nice. But it is not likely at all. Scripture makes it clear that this view is flat wrong and unsupported.

    Good to know ahead of time...this kind of stuff.
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    I tend toward a mid 7 rapture as well. However, I remember doing a study a while back (like 20 years now) and wondering why there really didn't seem to be much/any symbology that seemed to refer to the US. Back then it seemed strange that the greatest (only) superpower in the world would be left out. Now, my expectation is that this country will burn out and cease to be a major power at/by that time. The global leader appears to replace any influence we would have in events of that time. This doesn't bode well for us, unfortunately, but seems much more likely now than it seemed back 20 years...
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    Well ... alright then ... :)
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    Well yawl leave me a map of your preps so i can find em, I'm gonna need em, yawl ain't... I see staying behind as getting to kill AH's for god.. win win..

    Sorry but I'm not joking.. but that's just me..