choosing a new (first) chain saw

Discussion in 'Equipment & Survival Kits' started by Dakine, Mar 19, 2014.

  1. Meerkat

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    We have a 14in Poulan Pro, worked good fro about 10 years now cut down lots of hardwood oak trees with it.
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    I don't often use a chain saw except for light trimming and such. I have a 14" electric that is a duplicate of the Harbor Freight 14" electric. It does a great job for its use but I don't fell trees or buck logs. It's used mostly for heavy brush clearing. My brother keeps two saws at the cabin. One is a Sthil and I don't remember what the other is. He fells trees and bucks the logs to fit the wood stove I built for him and then splits them with a wedge. The wood stove is a small one, just 18" wide and 24" high and long. It keeps the cabin at 80 degrees all winter long. It may be just a tad too big as a heat source but it has a cook top so he can use it to cook on. Up at the cabin (5000') there are two seasons, winter and getting ready for winter. Cold temps are below 0F and the daily highs only get into the single digits except for the fall and spring. The ground stays frozen until mid June and winter starts around the middle of August to the first week in September. It is hard to grow much food so he relies on the plants that nature provides. I designed and we built the cabin (A-frame style) to handle three adults and two kids for short stays but it has been added to by my brother to include a laundry room and a root cellar. He has added more solar panels and a porch. It is well insulated and faily well sealed for a cabin.
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    Nice! You get it from a dealer or box store?
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    Went out yesterday and started my 30 year old jonsered 510 on the third pull with year old gas in it,cut up some cherry logs for the smoker then drained out the gas(first time ever) and put it away.If it ever dies I'll be looking for another one by them :)
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    Nice saw. Rebuilds are cheap and well worth it for that saw.
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