Chickens in Calgary!

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  1. twolilfishies

    twolilfishies wanna be prepared

    First of all...Thanks for coming to the mad city chickens event Naekid!! :):)
    Great to meet you and your lady!
    In case you didnt attend there was big news!! :

    City of Calgary is NOT going to charge anyone else with possessing livestock in the city in regards to chickens and they are working on getting excemptions on mine and others courtdates who have already been charged.
    They are also trying to get 40 families to sign up for a pilot project ( I havent decided yet if i like the idea of more attention so i might not be in their pilot project,lol)
    So,,, if you live here and want to get chickens consider yourself allowed!!!!
    We are now in the same boat as Vancouver who technically lets their citizens have chickens even though the bylaw isnt changed yet.
    Its all paperwork...The important part here is that a few citizens stood up to the government and actually WON!

    Let it be known that when using the argument of my human rights as outlined in article 25 of the UN declaration of human rights against the city of calgary...the city threw up their flag,surrendered,BACKED DOWN!

    So happy I did something useful with my horrible redhead temper! hahaha
  2. NaeKid

    NaeKid YourAdministrator, eh?

    It was awesome meeting you last night too there twolilfishies. Your little ones look like total bundles of joy and handfulls! I can imagine that you were a little overwhelm'd last night with everything going on at the Plaza.

    Anyway, its great to know that the city has finally back'd down on prosecuting you (and the others) for makin' your own food in your own backyard. I love the fact that Paul is goin' to toss his hat into the election for mayor, and, if I am still a resident of the city at that time, I know where my vote would be going.

    My plans for leavin' the city behind has been delay'd due to circumstances beyond my control, so, I am on a day-to-day existance for now.

  3. HozayBuck

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    Is SHOOTING your way out not an option? make it to the border and I'll cover your run to freedom!!! :beercheer:

    By the there any news paper posts on this fight? when it started and how the battle was won? is so...please!!
  4. NaeKid

    NaeKid YourAdministrator, eh?

    Hozay - you are really tempting me, but, if there were shots fired, I would be the first suspect and, well, <singing> I don't need more trouble with the law (since the day I wuz born) ...

    I'll be quiet now :wave:
  5. *Andi

    *Andi Supporting Member

    Congrats! :2thumb:

    Glad to hear things turned out for the best!

  6. UncleJoe

    UncleJoe Well-Known Member

    Way to go!!
    You CAN fight city hall! :2thumb:
  7. Lake Windsong

    Lake Windsong Well-Known Member


    great news! :2thumb:
  8. abgroup

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    chickens in Calgary

    way to go on paving the way for all of us in Calgary to have the right to raise Chickens. do you have any urban Chicken coup designs?
  9. NaeKid

    NaeKid YourAdministrator, eh?

    You can go very basic to very ornate with your coops. Google has lots of pictures ... just click the link to see them all.

    urban chicken coop - Google Search
  10. HozayBuck

    HozayBuck Well-Known Member

    Hey Bro, no prob man!! just ninja across then scream real loud that you want to vote for Obama, they will let you be!! well you and 14 Mil Mexicans...
  11. Jason

    Jason I am a little teapot

    Great job, 2lilfishies! Make sure you keep us informed of how things go in the future. We're all happy for you.

    If any of your neighbors give you grief about the chickens, tell them you can't talk now because you have to go figure out where you want to put your pig pen.
  12. twolilfishies

    twolilfishies wanna be prepared

    i need a pig and a COW!! ! raw milk,YUM :congrat:

    and coops... there are coop plans on our CLUCK facebook page if you are on facebook...
    Im up wayyy too late :flower: kids are a handful for sure :D
    Youre not leaving now for awhile? same here we are delayed in cowtown for a but longer....ah well, life is such
  13. NaeKid

    NaeKid YourAdministrator, eh?


    Ya - stuck in this town for a little longer. My buddy just got an acreage on the south-side of Calgary (closer to Vulcan) that he plans to setup with a couple of cows, chickens, pigs and rabbits - as well as a massive garden.

    He is also going to be setting up a shooting-range so that we can practice anytime we want. Anyway, he was saying that there are several acreages in that zone that are either for sale or will be shortly ... it would be the perfect situation for me ..
  14. ditzyjan56

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    Good for you guys.:congrat::congrat::congrat: Never go down without a fight, you never know who will win till its over