chicken coop guide any one used it?

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    Hi All,

    I am new to this forum. I just got a copy of it looks really good for instructions on how to build a chicken coop. I am getting ready to build one and was wondering if anyone else used it and can give me any tips to look out for.

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    Hello & Welcome! :wave:

    I couldn't get the pictures to load up ... (dial up :ignore:) So ... the tip I will give ... is to make sure it is critter proof. Critter being both wild and someones 'pet' down the road.

    Let us know how it turns out.:2thumb:

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    A great website that has tons of coops from small to Hilton size is
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    Just please make sure the coons don't come around and aren't able to get inside. One got one of my girls tonight, despite all of our diligent efforts to keep the chickens safe. It was super sad. Ran out there with my .22 but it was too late and my mad search throughout the neighborhood turned out fruitless.
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    I over-engineered my coop, and keep a live trap out at least a few days a week. I've "removed" at least 2 dozen racoons this year alone, and haven't lost a chicken yet. Everything was great until I caught a skunk last week.
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    We build a hinged trap cover out of sheet metal . A normal (not sick with rabies, distemper, etc.) skunk won't spray what it cannot see. You can also gently put a blanket or towel over the trap.We trap skunks & coons along with fox, possum and rats. Rats are especially attracted to poultry feed. Weasel and mink sometimes are a problem here. We use lethal traps for them.