Cherokee language children's books

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    I've tried to learn to speak some but it seems even most of the full bloods I know around here can speak very little of the language. I started thinking that if I could teach my kid while she was at that language learning age it would give me someone to practice with. I've done a little searching but haven't found anything yet. I was just wondering if anyone else knew of anything along these lines.
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    Talk to someone at a local college, or track down a Cherokee cultural center and ask them. They'd probably be thrilled someone wants to learn and might have all kinds of things to share with you. Even if you don't live in that area you should be able to find websites and send them an email.

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    Thanks! I hadn't thought about Cherokees of California. I've looked at the native-languages pages some but I'll have to keep searching. I'm not that far from the Cherokee Nation HQ here in NE OK and all their books I've found are english language versions of Cherokee stories. I'm starting to think I may have found a business oppurtunity for a niche market.